Colombia exceeds 6,000 infections by coronavirus and deaths amount to 278

Colombia surpassed the 6,000 infections by coronavirus on Wednesday when the Ministry of Health confirmed 258 new cases, while the fatalities rose to 278 with the report of nine deaths during the day.

According to the Ministry's daily bulletin, 6,207 infected people have been registered in the country, of which 1,411, equivalent to 22.7%, have recovered from the disease.

With 135 new infected, Bogotá had the highest number of cases of the day, followed by the department of Amazonas, where COVID-19 has been triggered this week and, with 27 new cases, it has already exceeded 100 patients.

The other infections occurred in Valle del Cauca (23); Atlantic (17); Bolívar (11); Goal (8); Magdalena (6); Nariño and Antioquia (5); Tolima and Cundinamarca (4); Caldas and Huila (3), Risaralda and Casanare (2); Caquetá, Chocó and Cauca (1).

Regarding the fatalities, they are six men and three women, one of them 44 years old.

Seven of the nine deaths occurred in the country's capital, while the other two occurred in Melgar (Tolima) and Pueblo Viejo (Magdalena).

Bogotá continues to be the main source of infection in the country with 2,543 cases, followed by Valle del Cauca (904), Antioquia (468), Meta (363), Bolívar (268), Atlántico (253), Cundinamarca (219), Risaralda ( 193), Magdalena (172), Nariño (118), Huila and Amazonas (104).


The governor of the Amazon, Jesús Galindo, sent a desperate request for help to the national government for the rapid spread of the virus in the department, despite the fact that his first case was registered just two weeks ago when the country was already in quarantine.

In that jungle department "the growth of the coronavirus curve is very great," said the local president, who added that because he is next to Brazil, "infections have grown exponentially."

The increasing number of infections in the Amazon is worrisome because it is a department with a small population, close to 80,000 inhabitants, mostly indigenous, which is isolated from the rest of the country since it can only be accessed from Bogotá by air, and it has a minimal sanitary infrastructure.

Colombia entered a quarantine on March 25, a measure that was extended until May 11, although from this week the Government allowed the manufacturing and construction sectors to resume their commercial activities under strict sanitary measures.

The Health Ministry said that 5,068 tests were processed today, bringing the total number of tests carried out in the country to 100,153.

On the other hand, the Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Organization, one of the main business conglomerates in the country, today delivered to the Ministry of Health the first 20,000 kits purchased from South Korea to take COVID-19 diagnostic tests, out of a total of 300,000 to donate.

"We have seen the efforts made by the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health (INS), hand in hand with the most qualified scientists and academics, to be able to carry out as many tests as possible throughout the national territory," he said. Sonia Sarmiento, representative of the Organization, when delivering the material.


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