July 12, 2020

Colombia exceeds 4,000 daily cases of coronavirus and totals 88,591

Colombia had a new record of coronavirus infections this Saturday by confirming 4,149 cases, with a significant increase in Bogotá, which for the first time exceeded 1,500 daily, according to the Ministry of Health.

With today’s data, the country reached 88,591 infected, while the 128 deaths on the day raised deaths to 2,939, equivalent to 3.31% of the total.

This Saturday there were also 1,336 recovered, with which there are already 36,273 people who have overcome the disease, which represents 40.94%, but there are still 49,238 active cases (55.57%).

Infections in Bogotá continue to increase and this time there were 1,576, almost a third more than on Friday when 903 were reported.

Bogotá was followed by Atlántico with 944 infections today, of which 583 were located in Barranquilla, the departmental capital. Then Bolívar appears with 423, 313 of them in Cartagena de Indias, figures that confirm these three regions as the most affected by the pandemic.

They were followed by Valle del Cauca (339), Antioquia (220), Magdalena (85), Sucre (81), Cesar (73), Chocó (70), Nariño (63), Cundinamarca (58), Santander (54), Córdoba (37), Tolima (25), Meta (18), La Guajira and Norte de Santander (17) Amazonas and Boyacá (11).

The Ministry of Health also indicated that 18,729 tests were carried out, bringing the samples of COVID-19 processed in the country to 707,688.

In total infections, Bogotá continues to lead with 27,118 cases, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

To cope with the situation and prevent the virus from spreading further, the Bogota City Hall today began taking free samples to detect cases in four neighborhoods that were placed in strict quarantine.

The new special care areas include the Tibabuyes and El Rincón neighborhoods, in the town of Suba; Jerusalem, in Ciudad Bolívar; Engativá and Bosa Occidental, all with a high number of inhabitants.

After Bogotá are Atlántico (21,189), Valle del Cauca (9,277), Bolívar (8,560), Antioquia (3,873), Nariño (3,040), Cundinamarca (2,436), Amazonas (2,252), Magdalena (1,624), Chocó (1,391) and Meta (1,199).

As for the 128 deaths, Atlántico had 60, of which 37 occurred in Barranquilla, followed by Bogotá (30), Bolívar (10) and Valle del Cauca (9).

Three deaths occurred in Antioquia, Magdalena, Chocó and Sucre; in Nariño there were two and the remaining five were registered in Cundinamarca, Cauca, La Guajira, Huila and Risaralda.


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