Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Colombia begins its holiday season with the traditional "Noche de velitas"

Colombia begins its holiday season with the traditional "Noche de velitas"

Thousands of Colombian families crowded the streets today with lanterns and candles to start the Christmas season in the country with the celebration of the traditional "Night of candles."

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In Bogotá, the Mayor's office lit the largest Christmas tree in the country in a neighborhood in the south of the city, where more than 100,000 lights adorned the 51-meter high structure.

In addition to this decoration, the authorities created the Route of Christmas, with which inhabitants and visitors can tour parks, squares and shopping centers adorned with figures representative of the Christmas season.

The theaters will also have special programs and in their spaces will host concerts and novenas, and some will even carry out gastronomy workshops for typical December dishes.

Medellín was added to the celebration in Bogotá, which is recognized worldwide for its decoration, which led him to join the list of the 25 most impressive lighting on the planet, according to the USA Today newspaper.

The focus in the capital of Antioquia will be the Medellín River, which has 1.8 kilometers of lights and to which are added at least 35,000 hand-woven figures and 26 million lights, which is expected to visit at least 90,000 people.

With this, Medellin joins cities such as Vienna, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Paris, Copenhagen, Salerno, Tokyo, Monterrey, Warsaw, Moscow, Seville, London and Orlando, which also stood out for their lighting.

Similarly, Barranquilla lit a 49-meter tall tree that has 65,000 lights that form figures alluding to the celebration of the last month of the year.

"Let's teach our children to live a party without gunpowder, we do not want one more person suffering the ravages of using these devices, let's take advantage of this party of candles to sow love in each of the homes," the mayor said on his Twitter account. of Barranquilla, Alejandro Char.

To prevent these incidents, the director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), Juliana Pungiluppi, presented the "Fiesta without Gunpowder" campaign this week.

According to figures from the National Health Institute, during the first seven days of the month 39 people were injured by gunpowder, which represents a reduction of 29.1% compared to the figure recorded in the same period last year.


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