July 29, 2021

Colombia awaits bridge report built by Sacyr to make decisions

Colombia awaits bridge report built by Sacyr to make decisions

The Colombian government said today that it awaits the report of the supervisor of the construction of the cable-stayed viaduct of Hisgaura, built by the Spanish company Sacyr in the department of Santander (northeast), to determine whether it "receives the bridge or not to satisfaction".

"The auditor must officially present his corresponding final report once all pending studies and analyzes have been completed, by means of which the technical and security situation of the constructed infrastructure is established in a proven manner," the Adaptation Fund said in a statement. entity attached to the Ministry of Finance.

The Hisgaura viaduct is 653 meters long and is built at a height of 148.3 meters, making it the highest in South America.

The bridge, which required an investment of 100,000 million pesos (about 31.7 million dollars), is located on the highway between the towns of Los Curos and Málaga to overcome the difficulties of a geological fault.

The Fund said on Tuesday that Sacyr did not deliver the bridge on August 31 "under the agreed conditions," after local media published a report by an engineer from the state-run National Institute of Roads (INVIAS), which shows "unevenness" beam rigidity "of the bridge, as well as folds in the structure.

For these reasons, the entity detailed today that after receiving the report will analyze and validate with the Invías to determine whether "the bridge is received or not to satisfaction."

If the Fund does not find the receipt "to satisfaction" viable, it will adopt "administrative and legal" measures against the contractor and financial controller in order to "safeguard public resources" and "guarantee compensation" for possible damages.

Before the accusations, Sacyr affirmed that the "security and stability" of the structure is guaranteed, as well as that it is "reliable, stable, secure" and is able to provide the service "for which it was designed".


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