June 17, 2021

Colombia asks to postpone the Copa América and Conmebol rejects it

Conmebol rejects Colombia's request to postpone the Copa América 2021.

Conmebol rejects Colombia’s request to postpone the Copa América 2021.

The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) rejected this Thursday the request of the Colombian government postpone the Copa América 2021 so the Andean country already will not host the tournament, which was to be carried out in conjunction with Argentina. In the next few hours it will be announced if the entire Cup in Argentina or if another co-organizing country arises. Conmebol argued that the Colombian proposal is not viable “for reasons related to the international calendar of competitions and the logistics of the tournament.” The Copa América, which was to be played in 2020, was postponed for this year due to the pandemic and is scheduled to be played, so far, from June 13 to July 10.

This same week the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, had affirmed that his Government could host it as the sole headquarters if compliance with the sanitary measures against the covid-19. In this regard, in the statement issued this Thursday, Conmebol said that in “the next few days it will announce the relocation of the matches that were to be played in Colombia.” The organism thanked “the enthusiasm and the effort put” by the Colombian president, Iván Duque, and that of his collaborators, as well as that of the president of the Colombian Soccer Federation, Ramón Jesurún, and his team. “It is certain that in the future new projects will emerge together for the growth of Colombian and South American soccer,” the statement added.

The Conmebol thus responded to the announcement made an hour earlier by the Minister of Sports of Colombia, Ernesto Lucena, in which his Government requested the entity to postpone the tournament. The Colombian side argued that the objective of its proposal was to achieve the fan attendance in all fields.

In addition to the covid-19 pandemic, the threat of protests that began on April 28 in Colombia, which have so far left 42 dead (41 civilians and one police officer), in events marked by police brutality and riots.


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