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The Columbus House show the film Bingo, the king of the mornings, by Brazilian director Daniel Rezende, inaugurating the 2020 program of the initiative Colon Cinema, which for ten years has been developing in collaboration with the Vertigo Film Association. The aforementioned film, which is screened free of charge on January 30, marked the premiere of Rezende in the film direction in 2017, after his work as a film editor as City of God Y Elite troops.

The cycle Colon Cinema developed by the Casa de Colón in collaboration with the Vertigo Film Association, aims to bring the filmography made on both sides of the atlantic, with titles that have had a tour on many occasions outside the commercial rooms.

The film, whose screenplay is by Luis Bolognesi, was nominated for the Awards Goya how Best Latin American Film, Brazilian candidate for Oscars, in the category of Best Non-English Speaking Film, and won eight awards from the Brazilian Academy of Cinema, among other awards.

Bingo, the king of the mornings It was released in 2017 and is inspired by the real life of Arlindo Barreto, the actor who played the Bonzo clown and that he succeeded in a Brazilian television program, in the 80s. In the film, Augusto is an artist who looks for his place under the lights, following in his mother's footsteps, during the 50s of the last century. Restless in his quest for applause, he finds the opportunity to conquer the crowds by becoming Bingo, a television clown who led the youth hearings in the 80s, but to whom a clause in his contract prohibits him from revealing his identity.

The cast is made up of Vladimir Brichta, in the role of Bingo, Leandra Leal, Cauã Martins and Augusto Madeira, among others. The music is in charge of Beto Villares, photography and editing are by Lula Carvalho and Marcio Hashimoto, respectively.

Daniel Rezende, born in 1975, is an acclaimed Brazilian editor and film director. Before directing feature films, he became a publisher of advertising tapes and video clips, until he made the leap and won the BAFTA to the best edition for the acclaimed tape City of God (2002), by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, work that nominated him to the Oscar. He also mounted, among others, RoboCop (2014), The Tree of Life (2011), Blindly (2008), Elite troop (2007) or The year my parents went on vacation (2006). Rezende worked as an editing professor at the prestigious international film school EICTV in 2011. His directorial debut was in Bingo: the king of the mornings (2017), a film that has 17 awards and 19 nominations. Director of television series from 2017 to the present, Turma da Mônica (2019), adaptation of a series of Brazilian comics, was the last feature film he has directed.

The Casa de Colón develops, together with the Vertigo Film Association and since 2010, a program for the dissemination and promotion of Latin American cinematography, through the exhibition -in a strictly cultural framework- of a diversity of works of all genres. Tapes from different parts of Latin American geography are represented: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

Fans and fans of the seventh art have the opportunity to peek into this cultural proposal for free until full capacity. The next film to be shown in the framework of Colon Cinema will be The darkest days of us, which can be enjoyed on March 26, planned in the general program promoted by the House of Columbus on the occasion of International Women's Day.


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