July 24, 2021

Collectives for housing demand from the Government a decree to cut the “pandemic” of evictions

Like a sluice that is opening, evictions have rebounded in Spain after the end of the state of alarm and are already around 250 newspapers, as denounced this Wednesday by the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages at a press conference in front of the Congress of Deputies . Among the groups for the defense of the right to housing, the surprise shown last week by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, before the eviction of a family in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel, and ask for a stoppage immediate decree of evictions without alternative housing. “There is a pandemic, and in parallel there is another pandemic of evictions,” criticized PAH spokesman Jorge Aranda.

Ábalos refuses to limit rents and prefers a new housing law after the pandemic

Ábalos refuses to limit rents and prefers a new housing law after the pandemic

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In the background are the limits of the two decrees approved by the government to limit evictions due to the coronavirus, which allow the suspension of expulsions when a vulnerability can be proven as a result of the pandemic, but not in situations that have dragged on from before. When the interruption of the procedural deadlines expired on June 4, the courts began to give out the proceedings. “The reliable data is that between June 4 and 30 there were 1,343 evictions,” said Aranda. The bill comes out to about 50 a day, which has only increased since then, according to the PAH.

“The decree that we propose does not allow evictions. In theory, you don’t have to consider any of them because we suspended them during the state of alarm, ”Ábalos defended a week ago, after ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián showed an image of the Carabanchel eviction, which affected four children, their parents and her grandmother.

The spokesman for the Tenants Union Fernando Bardera took advantage of the comment on Wednesday to insist. “Minister Ábalos seems to have been unaware of this situation. Now that it is […] You only have two options: take a picture and show us that you are with the economic elites, suffocating citizens so that they do not lose purchasing power, or redeem yourself and immediately paralyze by royal decree all evictions without a housing alternative, whether due to non-payments, rental extinctions, mortgages and even squats, “he said.

The organizers, who chose not to use the loudspeaker they were wearing to avoid conflicts with the police who were monitoring the act, stressed the contradiction of being at the gates of a possible new confinement, with the obligation not to leave home, and the circumstance of being homeless. “The first and fundamental weapon in the defense of public health is the right to a decent home where a safe, healthy confinement can be carried out. In that sense, evictions put collective health at risk, and prohibiting them saves lives, “reasoned Aranda.

Accompanying the spokesmen were about 50 affected, as well as members of groups against energy poverty and for the defense of pensions. Also Georgina Danciuc, expelled two months ago from her home in Arganda del Rey, where she lived with her son under a rental contract with the option to buy. A fund acquired the house and raised the dilemma: “Either you buy or you go.” Since then he has been in a hotel, prior management by the city council after camping for more than a month in front of the council. Danciuc works as a caretaker at the La Paz hospital.

“I do not ask for alms or anything for free, there are many of us who have contributed for years and we deserve that house worthy of which is said so much in the Constitution”, claimed Danciuc.


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