April 17, 2021

"Collect moments", by Jorge Fauró

I still remember when I ran into Love of Lesbian, Lori Meyers and Supersubmarina at all festivals. Again, I complained to myself. What I would give now to see them again and feel in my bones the cold and humid night next to the Segura in that last spring shock of the Murcia SOS; escaping into the Kobetamendi downpour in the middle of a Primal Scream performance, stepping on puddles and dodging the mud that turned the BBK into a sort of Glastonbury with pintxos, gildas and zuritos; my friend Conrado and I take shelter under the canopies of the Primavera Sound while the youngsters ignored Dr. John and saluted the goals of that Cup final; to burn in the sun of the Low Festival and discover among the crowd the drummer of Placebo or to show off with Martín Capsula of Bowie’s tattoos, the same glorious night in which we kneel before the indelible eternity of Ziggy Stardust; arriving in Benicàssim and avoiding another downpour among thousands of British people as soon as the Paul Weller concert was over. .

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