Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Collaborations and agreements with French companies and organizations increase

High level meeting between political representatives and businessmen in Paris to lay the foundations for future agreements between Andorra and France in the tourism, commerce and construction sectors. The Secretary of State for the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Marc Rossell, headed the Andorran delegation that met with the general director of the National Institute of the French Circular Economy (INEC), Christophe Debien, accompanied by the vice president of the Confederació Empresarial d 'Andorra (CEA) and the president of the Association of Waste Managers of Andorra (AGREDA), Miquel Àngel Armengol.

The framework idea of ​​the meeting is that Andorra presents circumstances that make it ideal for implementing a whole program of actions aimed at promoting the transition from linear models to circular economy models in these three sectors, with a very prominent activity in the principality.

Thus, during the meeting, Debien stressed that the Andorran reality allows to implement actions in a sector, such as tourism, in which the circular economy has not yet advanced much. Likewise, the commerce and construction sectors, which are very present in the country, would also allow the implementation of an ambitious roadmap with the objective of guaranteeing sustainability.

The Andorran experience in these sectors could be subsequently exported to similar realities, especially territories with an important economic life but without a critical mass of population important enough to recycle or convert all the waste they produce, such as islands with high tourist activity. The Government even studies the possibility that INEC provides training to Andorran trainers who contribute to promoting the development of the circular economy in the country.

The meeting was also attended by the director of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Sílvia Ferrer, the vice president of AGREDA, Francesc Zamora, the managing director of the CEA, Iago Andreu, and the second secretary of the Andorra Embassy in Paris , Laura Contreras, and has also served to prepare the next visit to the principality of the president of INEC, François-Michel Lambert, at the end of October.

French power company EDF reaffirms its support for Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra (FEDA) with two collaboration agreements

This Franco-Andorran meeting has coincided over time with another milestone in the policy of strengthening ties between the economies of the two countries. Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra (FEDA) and the French company EDF have signed two collaboration agreements within the framework of the visit of the president of the company, Jean-Bernard Lévy, to the principality. The firm joins the intention of the gala company to maintain the “strategic relationship”, as defined by Lévy, with the Andorran hydroelectric power plant, which already has more than 30 years. Levy has shown support for Andorran energy policy, facing non-polluting energies, and recalled that a part of the energy that the country imports from France comes from two wind power plants located in the Occitania region.

The first of these agreements has been signed with the EDF subsidiary, Dalkia, and means collaboration in the renovation of the infrastructure of the Bartra hydroelectric power plant. As explained in the act by the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Sílvia Calvó, they allow to keep equipment that offers “competitive prices”, given that “when there are points in international markets and energy costs increase, we can produce , and therefore lower the cost of energy for citizens. ” The director of FEDA, Albert Moles, recalled during the signing of the agreements that Engolasters Lake produces 82% of its own energy production, which constitutes 16% of the domestic market demand.

With the second agreement signed, EDF undertakes to provide the necessary assistance to FEDA in the event of exceptional situations. "We wanted to ensure the guarantee of taking advantage of EDF resources, which are much greater than those of FEDA," said Calvó, and thus continue the exchange of resources already practiced in recent years informally.

Similarly, FEDA will have the support of EDF to prepare a study that analyzes the integration of new technologies in the electricity grid to maximize Andorra's capacity to meet demand with renewable energy.

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