June 19, 2021

“Collaboration between detectives and agents is legal and advisable”

Hernández also clarifies that the entire process, from the request for the service to the delivery of the report or ratification in court, is done in accordance with the Private Security Law. Once the professional and the individual sign the contract, it must be noted in the sector registry book, where it is assigned a number. When the investigation is finished, the result is recorded in a confidential report.

Hernández acknowledges that this week it was revealed that a colleague from Tenerife acknowledged that she was the professional that Tomás Gimeno hired to follow up on his ex-partner today. The president of the group points out that “it is authorized, has a Professional Identity Card (TIP) and is included in the national private security registry, which distinguishes, among other things, practicing detectives from non-practicing detectives. Nicolás explains that «this work is an investigation that is framed in the family environment, totally normal; We are authorized by a law ».

He does not understand that «there is talk or focus on that report that the detective made a year ago or that it is named so much that we spy; We investigate and it is collected by a Law », he clarifies. He assures that it is logical that the civil guards analyze all the content, part of their work, “but the objective of all this does not go through the work of the detective, but rather to locate the girls and the arrest of their father; I hope they appear soon.

«I understand the right of the media to inform, but not everything is valid; it is something very delicate, “he says.


According to the president of the group, any citizen or company must verify that the person they hire must have a TIP, granted by the Ministry of the Interior, and a national private security registry number, issued by the National Police. Hernández points out that collaboration with “the security forces is absolute.” Remember that in 2020, a colleague from Tenerife participated in the international search for a minor, who was located on an island in the province of Las Palmas. In that case, he collaborated with the National Police and the North American FBI. He warns that in the United States, the detective can work as a public worker in the police, although there are also private ones. «Professionals like us are widely used in that country; it all adds up, ”he says.

The regional association pursues the intrusion, and once a case is detected, it notifies the National Police, which, in turn, informs the Government Sub-delegation to initiate a sanctioning file. According to Hernández, whoever scams in this field can be sanctioned with 30,000 euros.

Regarding the episodes of missing persons when there are indications that a crime has been committed, Nicolás Hernández affirms that “those who carry out this type of search are the State security forces, who are very prepared for this.” It highlights that whoever does these tasks in this case is the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police or the Central Operational Unit (UCO) «they are always synonymous with guarantee, clarification in a high percentage of cases and also long hours of work; they measure everything to the millimeter, they study any possibility ».

Detectives can search for people, vehicles or machinery, for example. “The limit is located when the matter is a crime, there the investigation is paralyzed and it is communicated to the authority”, assures Hernández. It recognizes that, depending on the type of matter, you have to consult with the Central or Territorial Unit of the National Police, which, in general, will refer us to the Civil Guard.

Regarding the case of Tomás Gimeno, who is being prosecuted, «authorization would first have to be requested from the Central or Territorial Unit of the National Police Force, and it is usual for them to refer us to the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard. “We have several channels of communication with the forces and bodies, through the Blue Network of the National Police or the Coopera Network of the Civil Guard,” he says.

«I understand the constitutional right of the media to transmit information», Hernández points out, but warns that «it is very delicate, not everything is valid, in this case you have to be very careful, we are talking about two girls, a mother, some families ». He clarifies that “not just any citizen can play at throwing mud, and that it is harmful rather than beneficial; you cannot forget what is at stake: what is happening is a disgrace, not a hobby.

Hernández: «Intruders in this area or false researchers proliferate on the Internet»


What are the differences between the procedures of law enforcement agencies and private investigators? «We work with different methods; I do guarantee that, when both processes are mixed, the result is very enriching “, says Hernández. He explains that “our sources of investigation are different and, in addition, the detective has a network of international collaborators that is used immediately in each country or continent.” He defends that the detective profession, carried out with rigor, seriousness, and legality, “does a very important social work within the commercial, labor, financial or family sphere, among others.” “We clarify many issues in court, many deceptions and alleged crimes are detected,” he says. He believes that “we need to clarify state matters, in which we could act, such as the dismissal of officials, active collaborations with Social Security or the Treasury, or search for debtors’ assets.” The detective, through the mutual, already works on Social Security matters, “but we have large labor sectors of the State that are unpunished when it comes to clarifying continuous sick leave; in that sense, we would save a lot of money for the administration and the taxpayer. On the other hand, private investigators do work with some municipalities. The Canary Association prepares the creation of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of the Canary Islands. “We have already processed it before the Government of the Canary Islands,” reports Hernández, who adds that said institution will give “more guarantees to the citizen about our activity”, like some that already exist in the Peninsula.


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