Colau must be "very boring" to comment on Badalona

The new mayor of Badalona (Barcelona), Xavier García Albiol, has censured that his Barcelona counterpart, Ada Colau, has urged that he be fired with a motion of censure and has indicated that "he must have very little work and be very bored" to "give your opinion" about a municipality "that is not yours".

This was stated this Wednesday by Albiol in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio after Colau encouraged Guanyem Badalona in Comú and the PSC yesterday to "agree on a motion of censure" against Albiol, who was invested yesterday after negotiations between these progressive forces will not prosper.

"The mayor of Barcelona must have very little work and must be very bored to dedicate herself to commenting on a municipality that is not her own. I, being mayor, would never have the audacity to say what has to be done in another city council", has underlined.

And he added: "It seems to me, in all sincerity, that the residents of Barcelona would appreciate it if they dedicate themselves to their city, that they have enough work to do, instead of trying to put their nose where it does not belong."

After the unexpected investiture of the popular leader, Colau, who commands the commons, wrote on Twitter: "We must not resign ourselves to the fact that the racist right governs Badalona. The errors can be corrected: it only takes Guanyem and PSC to rectify and put themselves agreed to a motion of no confidence. "


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