Colau launches the Albiach pre-campaign to the Catalans "so that the change that has begun in the State finally reaches Catalonia"

The mayoress of Barcelona and leader of Catalunya en Comú, Ada Colau, has launched this morning the pre-campaign of your candidate in the elections Autonomous next February 14, Jéssica Albiach. Colau has intervened from Barcelona on the spot Walking together, in which Unidos Podemos has brought together the leaderships of the groups and parties that comprise it and in which they have also intervened: Pablo Iglesias, Alberto Garzón and Albiach herself. "She is the best candidate for the change that has begun in the State to finally reach Catalonia", defended the Catalan leader.

The 'comuns' close their list to the Parliament led by the tandem between Jéssica Albiach and ex-unionist Joan Carles Gallego

The 'comuns' close their list to the Parliament led by the tandem between Jéssica Albiach and ex-unionist Joan Carles Gallego

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Colau began his speech with thanks. "To Pablo [Iglesias] especially, for enduring some very hard months. "The mayor's greeting was not the only one. In their shifts, Garzón and Albiach have also referred to the" attacks "suffered by the vice president of the Government, not only in recent months, but since the founding of Podemos. "The entire space has had to endure strong attacks, because when rights are obtained, privileges are taken away, and whoever has them does not voluntarily and complacently renounce them, but rather press and attack. Pablo, at the head of the negotiations, has received harsh attacks that deserve recognition and affection, "explained Colau.

The mayor has defended the Budgets approved by Congress as "essential to strengthen public services, infrastructure and basic needs." But, he added, "they are something else" because they serve to "confirm that there is a broad majority to promote all the changes we need." Something that, he said, they had defended "especially in Catalonia, where they said that Spain was irreformable". "We knew it was not true because we have made many shared struggles, against evictions, or for Health," he assured.

"There is a republican, multinational, progressive majority that wants to put people at the center. We defended, when they called us naive and equidistant, that the only way was dialogue, fraternity. That has made its way after hard work. He told us that it was not possible, but it is being possible, "he maintained.

Colau, however, has not wanted to focus on "highlighting what is being achieved". "The crisis is hitting the majority of the population. We see freelancers, restaurant workers, local businesses or cultural people in very difficult situations, who do not know if they will be able to pay the rent. That is why the Budgets, to reinforce services and attend to those who are having a bad time, "he explained.

The mayor, who comes from the movements for housing rights that arose with the 2008 crisis, has called "unacceptable and immoral the evictions of vulnerable families with whom she is falling". "It is painful to see what it has cost to reach such a minimal agreement. We have finally achieved it. We see daily evictions with children, sick people and elderly people. It is desperate when on the other side there are large owners, banks and speculative investment funds that they do not need these homes in the short term, while there are families who remain on the street, "he said.

Colau has defended the royal decree that is being negotiated in the Government for a moratorium on these evictions, but has said that "the road does not end there." "It is an emergency, minimum. But we must talk about the housing law," he assured. The mayor has returned to "congratulate Pablo and the group of space, who achieved something difficult" when they managed to introduce the regulation of rents. "But we know that there will be enormous pressures, in this country the lobby Speculative real estate is very powerful. The PSOE is historically sensitive to these pressures. And the fact that we are in the Government is what allows the anti-eviction decree and that the regulation of rents arrives, "he defended.

"We are in the minority," he acknowledged. For this reason, he has asked that "when people go to vote, they remember that it is good that we understand each other the maximum of progressive forces, but prioritize housing, that evictions be stopped and rents are regulated, if we had a wider presence , it would have happened before. "

Colau recalled that the next appointment with the polls is on February 14 in Catalonia. The leader of the common he has bet on his candidate Jéssica Albiach. "It is the type of leadership we need. Hard-working, very responsible when taking on the challenge at a time like this," she defended, to conclude: "I am convinced that she is the best candidate for the change of cycle that has begun in the State also arrives in Catalonia and we can begin a new stage ".

Jéssica Albiach: "That the formula between Junts and ERC is not repeated"

The candidate has closed the public part of the act, which continues with a meeting of the management behind closed doors. Albiach has asked that "2021 be a turning point" because Catalonia "is going towards decadence, towards isolation and to perpetuate the blockade" that "drags". Albiach has opted for "changing the stage, starting a new cycle where the national fronts, the factions, are left behind", and having "a government that governs for the whole" of the Catalans.

Thus, the candidate of the common has raised a "dilemma" between "the exclusive agreements between pro-independence forces that continue with their Cainite struggles and that play to share the chairs" or "an alternative of large agreements with a national pact for health, a commitment to a just ecological transition that it be seen as an opportunity to generate decent employment and an agreement at the dialogue table that is voted in Catalonia and that allows progress in the democratic normalization of relations ".

"That the formula between Junts per Catalunya and ERC not be repeated," Albiach claimed. "Or between ERC and Junts per Catalunya", he added, before the polls that give the winner to the candidacy of Pere Aragonés. "Because here the order of the factors does not alter the product. How would the situation change if instead of being Laua Borràs the president was the vice president of Pere Aragonès? Not at all. It would be another lost legislature, fights between parties, the paralysis of the Government ", has settled.

"The alternative to the Columbus trio", he stated, is an "alliance between progressives on one side of the Ebro and on the other side, regardless of the flag that excites each one". And "in the face of a Government of Junts and ERC, which makes Catalonia look only at it, we work for a progressive, fraternal Catalonia, the engine of the construction of the whole of the State," he maintained.


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