Colau does not see comparable the escraches of the evicted families with those that have been made to Iglesias or Ábalos

In an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, the councilor explained that in the first case they were families who "asked political or financial officials" to "stop" the "bleeding" of evictions in a "situation of extreme need".

"It is not comparable to that of people who ask that it not be done according to what social measures," he opined, and then made it clear that, in any case, he defends that freedom of expression must prevail over everything.

In this sense, Colau has been in favor of any demonstration as long as "there is no violence, which is condemnable." "As long as it is peaceful, there is freedom and there must be freedom in a democracy. The escraches can take advantage of that freedom if there is no harassment," he added.

Colau herself, in her time as spokesperson for the Platform for People Affected by the Mortgage (PAH), carried out various escraches on political leaders. For example, the one carried out in 2013 during the visit of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to the Barcelona Motor Show, at the Fira de Barcelona site in Montjuïc.

On the other hand, the mayor of the city of Barcelona has also referred to casseroles in protest against the Executive to remember that the "sanitary prevention measures" that weigh in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic must be complied with.

"You have to respect the masks and instructions to be on the street. I have seen many people who do not like social measures or tax those who have more. They are essential measures," he said.

Along these lines, Colau has defended this response, totally "opposite" to that which occurred after the 2008 economic crisis, and has called for "responsibility" to the "part of the right" that does not respect these measures in the midst "of a state of alarm".


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