August 9, 2020

Colau challenges the PSOE to "discard" a pact with Cs and "look to the left"

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, on Sunday urged the PSOE to "discard once and for all" a government pact with Citizens and to "look to the left".

This was stated at an event in Castelldefels (Barcelona) together with the municipal candidate of Movem Castelldefels, Candela López.

"My soul breaks when I think that the PSC, which is a Catalanist, has built self-government in Catalonia and has promoted progressive policies, aligns with the right to intervene in self-government, which is a red line," he warned.

Colau has ensured that, in the face of general elections, the commons are "the guarantee that the Socialist Party can go towards its soul more leftist and Catalanist and not towards the right".

"We have to urge the Socialist Party to discard once and for all a Government with Citizens, which is what it insinuates again: it would be a step back, it would be to put 155 back on the table," said Colau, who has accused the Socialists of having "recentralizing temptations".

As for the independence forces, he has affirmed that "the positions of maximums have led to the institutional blockade".

For Colau, the channel of dialogue "is the only one that is really possible", since "it was deceitful to tell people that there were magic solutions or that if they manifested a lot things could be achieved, when there were not enough social majorities behind".

According to the mayor, the pro-independence parties "have entered a race, an internal fight in which nobody wants to be like the traitor", although "in private they recognize that the positions of maximums are impossible".

"It takes courage, recognize that there is not enough strength to push forward the positions of maximums and return to the great consensus," he said.

Addressing ERC, he assured that "if he prioritizes governing with the PDeCAT, with policies of blockade or economically right, he obviously can not make pacts with us", but "if he wants to reform left-wing policies, we are here to make these alliances of progressive change policies ".


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