Colau assures that in 70% of residences in Barcelona there are coronaviruses

The Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has assured that calls by municipal staff to nursing homes in the city and the follow-up that the Barcelona Public Health agency is doing indicate that in 70% there are cases of coronavirus.

At a press conference, the mayor pointed out that the municipal data does not coincide with what the Secretary of Social and Family Affairs of the Generalitat, Francesc Iglesies, gave yesterday, who said that they were 30%.

Colau has considered that the difference responds to the fact that the Generalitat only counts the positives to the tests and in the residences hardly any tests have been done and this prevents "dimensioning the problem" of the nursing homes and allocating "the necessary resources, which as of Today has not been done yet. "

The Mayor of Barcelona has demanded from the Generalitat "more speed, more involvement, more resources and more transparency" regarding the situation of nursing homes and has asked that just as the Minister of Health does, the Minister of Social Affairs appears every day to provide information

Ada Colau has considered that the Generalitat's Department of Social Affairs does not have "sufficient personnel or musculature" and has demanded that the Government "reorganize its resources" and allocate them to this department and make a crash plan for the residences.

The mayor has assured that the City Council will do everything in its power to deal with this emergency, as it is already doing with calls to the centers, help with logistics and the disinfection of residences that the firefighters are carrying out from the city.


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