Colau asks that the judicial question does not "condition" the support for Budgets

Colau asks that the judicial question does not "condition" the support for Budgets

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has defended today the need to "talk to the whole world" to approve State Budgets that he believes "urgent", and has warned that the "dejudicialization of politics in Catalonia" should not " condition "support for public accounts.

Speaking to the media, Colau has appealed to "make possible Budgets that are necessary for Catalonia, Spain and Barcelona", when asked about the possibility that the leaders of Podemos meet with the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont to address your party's support for the accounts.

The leader of Catalonia in Comú has recognized that in Catalonia "there are very complex political issues, such as people in prison who should not be", so in his view it is a priority "to seek a political and dialogue, not judicial" to the Catalan conflict .

However, the mayor stressed that there are also "social emergencies" in Catalonia that require approval of some budgets that, he recalled, "raise a historic rise in the minimum wage or measures for municipalities to limit abusive rents or attend to thousands of people who are in need ".

"It should be a priority to dejudicialize the policy, but you can not condition the dejudicialization, which is complex, with budgets that are urgent," the mayor has warned.

In that sense, Ada Colau has opined that it is a priority to "dejudicialize politics in Catalonia as people who do not reach the end of the month".

The mayor has been in favor of "talking as many times as necessary" with whoever is needed because it is "essential to unlock these budgets, since there are thousands of people who are in an emergency situation in Catalonia, with very stressed public services "


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