Colau asks for "evidence and witnesses" of the death of the bitch 'Sota' | Catalonia

Colau asks for "evidence and witnesses" of the death of the bitch 'Sota' | Catalonia

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has been forced to respond to the massive protest on Saturday afternoon by the death by a shot of an agent of the Urban Guard of the bitch Jack. In a message disseminated through social networks, the mayor asks for "documentary evidence and witnesses who have witnessed the event and are willing to testify." The request of the mayor, who appeals to the need to "clarify what happened" with "transparency", comes after the demonstration, during which on several occasions thousands of people cried out in the Plaza de Sant Jaume: "Where is Ada Colau? ? " And when there is already a judicial investigation in progress.

"As mayor I can not speculate or judge based on images that circulate through social networks, we must first clarify what happened, with evidence on the table, and depending on the truth, take the appropriate measures," he says.

The death of the bitch, whose owner is an Estonian young man who lives on the street, last Tuesday has provoked a wave of protests, with two manifestations: one on Wednesday, of the animalistic entities, and another massive one, yesterday, that filled the square of Sant Jaume and that ended in the Plaza de Espanya with five detainees.

The mobilization has shown that animal advocates are a very cross-sectional group, which spans generations, social classes, neighborhoods of the city and even urban tribes, as could be seen yesterday in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Colau begins his message saying that "the death of Sota has been a horrible fact" and that he will do everything he can "to clarify what happened in a research that is still open"To clarify the facts and so that" it does not happen again in the future, improving the protocols of action that are needed. "The mayor recalls that the consistory has met with the animal entities:" And we have agreed to start working on righ now".

The mayor says that the images that have been seen are subsequent to the events and that "cameras are being scanned from the surroundings" in search of more images. "It does not serve as documentary evidence a testimony that relates to having witnessed what happened and that circulates through social networks," alerts and offers the email address [email protected] to contact the City Council "or if you prefer file a complaint directly with the court. " "As mayor I can not speculate or prejudge on the basis of images or messages circulating on the networks, we must clarify what happened."


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