Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Colau and Collboni, the joint government of Barcelona

After three weeks of negotiations, accelerated the last days, BComú and PSC have presented on Wednesday an agreement for the formation of a joint government in the city Hall. The mayor Ada Colau and who will be the first deputy mayor of the new executive Jaume Collboni, have stressed that the team that will take over the Casa Gran from next week will be "broad, cohesive, strong and stable."

The bipartite government will be formed by 18 councilors, the highest figure in the Barcelona City Council since 2007. Colau and Collboni have highlighted that after three weeks of negotiations, BComú and PSC have been able to reach an agreement at a time when political understandings are not easy. .

Policies "clearly progressive"

The policies that the new bipartisan government will deploy will be "clearly progressive, from the left", the two leaders have stressed. In this sense, the priorities will be the fight against inequalities and against climate change, economic progress, housing, culture and education and security.

This last matter will have a special weight throughout the mandate. For this reason, a specific mayor has been created, which will be assumed by Albert Batlle, former head of the Mossos d'Esquadra. Colau has acknowledged that this area had to be reinforced and has attacked the work of Amadeu Recassens, who has been the commissioner on the matter so far.

An agreement only for Barcelona

Colau and Collboni have insisted that the agreement they have reached is of city and is not subject to any other issue, such as Catalan, on which BComú and PSC maintain different positions. "Everyone will have their opinion, we have only talked about Barcelona", the mayor emphasized. "It is a government that starts a new stage, pro-Barcelona", added the head of socialist ranks. In this sense, the yellow ribbon will be kept on the balcony of the City Council because it is the result of an agreement of the board of spokespersons of the groups.

Collboni, Sanz and Bonet in front of three large spaces

The government will finally be structured into six mayoral tenures, two more than initially planned. Of them will depend ediles, of one or another formation, since the will is that the responsibilities are shared and they are not distributed by parties in compartments estancos.

The first mayor's office will be for Collboni. Among the competitions of the socialist leader estartán company and occupation, economic promotion and of the city, tourism and institutional relations. Janet Sanz (BComú), second deputy mayor, will be in charge of an area that will encompass urban planning, infrastructures and mobility. The third will be Laia Bonet (PSC), which will assume a transversal space that will range from sports to territorial and metropolitan coordination. Under his command will also be the policies of innovation, knowledge, city diplomacy and even the zoo.

Laura Pérez also assumes social services while Subirats remains Culture and Edudation

Laura Pérez (BComú) is one of the latest news. He will be fourth deputy mayor and he will depend on feminisms and LGTBI, but also social services. The fifth tenure will be for Batlle (Units per Avançar), who has not attended the event this afternoon because, although formally he has not yet assumed the position, he was in a working meeting with merchants. The sixth tenure will be for Joan Subirats (BComú), who will be responsible for culture and education.

Agreement to consult the bases

The pact of cartapacio, before it is definitively signed, will be submitted by both BComú and the PSC to its militancy. The commons plans to start a participatory process whose results could be known on Monday, although perhaps – it is working at a technical level – could be advanced to Sunday. The Socialites will hold on Monday a Federació Council – the highest body among congresses – to validate the agreement that, in fact, could be expected to be approved unanimously.

Will the bipartite BComú-PSC in Barcelona hold the whole mandate?

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