Colau and Ayuso kiss in a huge drawing hung by Primavera Sound

After the opening of the doors of the first day of the first weekend of Primavera Sound, this Thursday, the public found a surprise hanging from one of its billboards: a large illustration in which the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau is recognized kissing in the mouth to the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

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The huge drawing is a message from the organization that reaffirms its plans to expand the event beyond Barcelona, ​​with a double date in 2023 in both Barcelona and Arganda del Rey (Madrid). To the right of the banner, another sign read “Barcelona + Madrid = Primavera Sound. Diversity, culture, tolerance”.

On June 1, the co-director Gabi Ruiz once again expressed his complaints to the public administrations in an interview on the festival's own radio. "I don't feel like we have the support of the local authorities." However, yesterday the Barcelona City Council proposed an agreement to the festival organization for the next four years, as Barcelona's Deputy Mayor for Culture, Jordi Martí, explained to the press on Thursday.

The two leaders, of opposite ideologies, appear in good graces, in a recreation of the painting that persists on the Berlin Wall in which the leader of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, and the president of the Democratic Republic of Germany, Erich Honecker, painted by Dimitri Vrubel in 1989 on a photograph from 1979. In that painting, the phrase appears in Russian “My God, help me to survive this deadly love”which is also reproduced in the Primavera Sound drawing.

Ada Colau yesterday attended the first day of a festival that had not been held for two years due to restrictions due to the pandemic. Speaking to journalists at the same festival, Colau has given the mural its go-ahead: "I love that art provokes, I love freedom of expression," according to EFE.

“I have always defended that the cities of Barcelona and Madrid love and collaborate and have a thousand ties and cultural, historical and affective links of all kinds. What makes me sick is that there may be some leaders who want to confront our cities. You will never find me here, I will always defend love and cooperation between cities and people”, added the mayor. Colau has also repeated that “Barcelona and Primavera are inseparable”.

With a solid musical show and an impressive light staging, the Australians Tame Impala They were the highlight of the first day, which had suffered from the cancellation of Massive Attack. Until eleven groups have had to be canceled a few hours before the start of the event, the most famous being the fall of The Strokes.

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