Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Colau advocates limiting short flights that can be made by train

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, advocated this Friday to limit the short flights that can be made in a reasonable time by train, as a measure to combat climate change.

"The flights are the cause of a good part of the emissions and the most harmful, in addition. It does not mean that we stop flying, but we must rationalize, and all those routes that can be done reasonably in a few hours of train have to replace train journeys, "he said.

Colau spoke to the Spanish press in Copenhagen, where the C40 climate leadership group, made up of 94 cities committed to the environment, including Barcelona, ​​celebrates its mayors summit from Wednesday through Saturday.

In Spain, he stressed, this measure would affect "very clearly" the displacements between Madrid and Barcelona: "It can be done perfectly with the AVE network we have. In all those journeys that are three hours by train should already eliminate the possibility of doing so to drastically reduce those emissions. "

The governor went further and pointed to the possibility of limiting the number of flights that a person can take, in case that first initiative was not enough.

"You have to talk in the medium term also of using taxation or maybe, in the future, of limiting flights per person, the number of flights, but these are measures that should be studied well to see how they can be implemented," he said. .

Barcelona was this Friday one of the 35 cities, including Madrid, which committed to improve air quality.

"We have already had many years of summits and declarations and it is time to act," said Colau, who arrives in Copenhagen days after the ordinance of the Low Emissions Zone ordinance in the field of rounds was initially approved in the Catalan capital, which It is expected to become operational from January.

The mayor stressed that although it is positive that cities are leading the actions to reduce emissions and limit climate warming, her initiative does not relieve the respective states of responsibility.

"In Spain we have some instability time, many elections. That shows in concrete policies like this. The municipalities have been taking many initiatives for a long time, but we need minimal stability with governments that can approve budgets to finance public transport, for example "he stressed.

In his presentation, he advocated a complete change in the city model, where, among other proposals, he defended that one-time plastic should be finished and that food should bet on proximity products.

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