Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Coixet on the independence prisoners: "I hope you absolve them"

Coixet sobre los presos independentistas: “Espero que los absuelvan”

The director of Catalan cinema Isabel Coixet has been manifested this Wednesday on the
trial 1-O
that is developing in the Supreme Court. The filmmaker, who has always been critical of the independence movement in Catalonia, has expressed her desire that the accused leaders be acquitted.

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Coixet has commented the current Catalan and Spanish politics from the Berlin Festival. The director of My life without me has expressed his wish that "absolve" to the l
pro-independence leaders because it would be "the best for coexistence" and to "be able to dedicate ourselves to important things.

Coixet believes that absolution is the best for "coexistence"

The filmmaker collects RAC1, has assured that "I would prefer that these people were not in jail" although he recalled that they are not there "because of their ideas but because of their actions". He has also stated that "I must believe that they will have a fair trial."

The filmmaker is in the Catalan capital to present her new film at the Berlinale, Elisa and Marcela which deals with the first case of homosexual marriage between women in Spain.

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