July 25, 2021

Coffee exports in Brazil rise 24 percent in September

Coffee exports in Brazil rise 24 percent in September

Brazil, the world's largest producer and exporter of coffee, shipped 3.02 million bags (60 kilos) of grain abroad in September, a volume 24% higher than the same month of the previous year, the employers of the sector said today. .

In values, exports of grain in September this year generated revenues for Brazil by 410.3 million dollars, 0.7% more than in the same month of 2017, reported the Council of Coffee Exporters (Cecafé) in a note.

Despite the positive results, the president of the management, Nelson Carvalhaes, said in the statement that the volume shipped was "good", but could have been better if "not for the problems in the lack of containers and space on ships "

"The sector is organized to serve the importing market, but due to the logistical problems of navigation it has not been able to attend to the buyers with assiduity," Carvalhaes said.

In the accumulated figure of the year, Brazil shipped 23.6 million bags of 60 kilos, which represents a rise of 7.3% in relation to the same period of the previous year.

However, the income in currencies so far this year decreased by 6% compared to the first nine months of 2017 and reached 3,500 million dollars.

The average price of the grain was about $ 135.88 per bag of 60 kilos, a decrease of 18.6% compared to September 2017, when each bag of coffee was quoted at $ 166.87.

Arabica was the most commercialized type of coffee and represented 81% of the total volume exported in September, with 2.4 million bags, followed by the robust type (9.7%) and the soluble one, responsible for 9.3% of Shipments abroad in the month.

The United States ranked first in the main destinations of Brazilian coffee, with 4.1 million bags imported between January and September 2018, representing 17.4% of the total exported in the period.

It is followed by Germany with 3.6 million bags purchased (15.3%), Italy with 2.2 million (9.2%), Belgium with 1.62 million (6.9%) and Japan, with 1.58 million. million bags (6.7%).

The port of Santos, in the state of Sao Paulo, was the main exit door for the grain, with 82.1% of exports, while the terminal of Rio de Janeiro, appears immediately with 11.7% of shipments To the exterior.


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