Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Codorníu's Christmas announcement, accused of using an independence motto

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Quail is being the target of attacks of many social media users after it has been viralized that the content of the slogan chosen this year by the beverage brand in their ad from Christmas and that resembles the one used by the movement independentist. The phrase of the controversy is "we do it again", which coincides with the proclamation "ho tornarem to fer"Which is used in the claims of Catalan independence.

The announcement, presents people doing shopping and Christmas tasks while a voice in off He says the following: “No, Christmas is not done alone, it is done with dedication, with patience and with much love … As all the things that are worthwhile deserve. That is why, every year, we do it again. Both you and us."

Codorníu Christmas announcement 2019

Codorníu Christmas announcement 2019

The reality is that despite various tweeters try to link this "we do it again" with the already known "ho tornarem to fer" Used by Jordi Cuixart
During the trial for the illegal referendum on October 1, little relationship seems to have both phrases. However, in social networks there is already talk of "nod to independence" by Quail.

Either way, he cava ad It has little to do with any ideological positioning and it is limited to show everyday scenes ensuring that "as every year" both the brand and consumers will prepare and receive Christmas with special enthusiasm. Without any other nuance on the subject.

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The slogan “ho tornarem to fer”Was one of the phrases that the sovereign entity Òmnium Cultural turned into a slogan of the Catalan independence movement as a result of the imprisoned politicians repeatedly ensuring during the trial of the you process
that they would skip Spanish laws that they consider "unfair."

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