Cocaine, drama and emotion: 'Cuéntame' gives another blow on the table | TV

Tell me how it happened It's the history of Spanish television. That is a difficult statement to reject. Not only because he has been counting our life for 17 years. The series can boast that it is now one of the Spanish fictions that most dares to innovate and explore fields that others do not dare to dream of. And it does it in TVE, and in prime time. Because she can do whatever she wants, that's what she is for Tell me.

In the absence of two chapters for the farewell of his 19th season and the farewell of two of its protagonists, Ricardo Gómez and Elena Rivera, Tell me an episode written by Joaquín Oristrell has been marked in which he has played with the narrative and has raised the emotional and dramatic level. A car accident by Carlos and Karina was the trigger. The story started by the accident itself to count the previous hours from the point of view of the different central characters of the series. Temporary jumps and constant perspective changes during a good part of an episode that also took advantage to take advantage of the high level of interpretation to which their characters are. The actors have already fused with their fictitious identities after so much time giving them life, and those characters are almost the family of spectators who have spent so much time on Thursday nights with them. That's why we suffer more with them. That's why we get mad when they make bad decisions or do not know how to get out of the loop they've gotten themselves into.

Cocaine, drama and emotion: 'Cuéntame' gives another blow on the table

The dramatic intensity of some of the scenes in the chapter was stratospheric. The talks between Karina and Mercedes or that of Inés and Carlos put the hair on end. But everything was headed for a final scene, a face-to-face duel between father and son, between Antonio and Carlos, between Imanol and Ricardo. It was time for Carlos to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Enganchado, without wanting to admit it, to cocaine, a loop from which he saw no way out, it had to be the big head of his father that made him see that light. It had to be like that.

Now that there is so much talk about how the Spanish series is progressing and the international success that they have, we tend to forget that one of the best Spanish television fictions in history is what the life of the Alcántara tells us, which our lifetime. And that has a great success outside our borders. I said on Twitter yesterday that I do not think there is another Spanish series that dares to do what it did yesterday Tell me. And I maintain it. At his feet.


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