Coca-Cola and ElPozo lead the list of the 50 brands most purchased by Spaniards in the supermarket

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Updated: 05/24/2022 10:25 a.m.
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by the Spaniards were Coca-Cola, ElPozo and Central Lechera Asturiana, in that order. In the study "Brand Footprint Spain 2022" presented by Kantar, it is concluded that Coca-Cola obtained 132 million contacts with the consumer, 10% more than ElPozo, which, again, occupied the second position, with 120 million contacts. Third place once again corresponded to Central Lechera Asturiana, which joined the 'top 3' in the previous edition and accumulated 97 million contacts.

In addition, Campofrío, Gallo, Bimbo, Activia, Danone, Pescanova and Casa Tarradellas completed the 'top 10', the same as last year, although it is worth noting the rise of Activia, which starred in the only entry in the upper part of the classification after overtaking Danone.

As for the top 50 brands, seven out of 10 have changed their position in the list, in which the additions of ColaCao, Nivea and Kaiku stand out. With respect to the rest, 16 brands have improved their position compared to 15 that have dropped and 16 that have remained.

During the presentation, Jorge Folch, CEO of Kantar, explained that the year 2021 has been characterized by
the return to stability in mass consumption
, a sector that was marked by the recovery of consumption away from home and the reduction of purchases for the home, which began to turn towards pre-pandemic market levels. "Brands have had to continue making efforts to attract buyers and, as in previous years, gaining penetration is once again synonymous with growth," said Folch.

One more year, from Kantar stand out
the good performance obtained by the national brands in the national classification
. In this sense, Folch stated that "proof of this is that eight of the brands that we find in the 'top 10' and more than half of those in the 'top 50' are of Spanish origin."

The secret of your success

The secrets of the manufacturers to reach the pantry of the Spanish resided in four growth levers: innovation, advertising campaigns, promotions and selling in regional supermarkets. Specifically, these brands concentrate one of every three innovations introduced in the Spanish market. Likewise, its success rate and its ability to reach the consumer's basket is 66%, that is, 2.6 times higher than that of the rest of the products.

A second factor is to invest in advertisements, also in times of health or economic crisis. The advertising investment of these products grew by 9.4% compared to the previous year and
98% of the companies included in this classification opted for television advertising
a channel that rises four points more than in 2020 and six more than in 2019. According to the report, the brands that increase their spending on advertising campaigns grow in value and achieve a 30% more favorable evolution than those that do not. make.

The third lever of success lies in the launch of promotions and offers to attract customers. The promotional share of the brands included in the list reached 24.7% in 2021, 0.7 points more than in 2020. Kantar also highlights that one in three brands that increased their promotional pressure gained contacts with consumers.

The last secret to get to
the spanish basket
is to maximize the presence in the regional supermarket chains, some establishments where half of the manufacturers gained market share. Sales on e-commerce platforms also add points, a channel in which 80% of brands increased their value.

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