July 29, 2021

Coca Cola aims to reduce the sugar in its beverages by 12% by 2020

Coca Cola aims to reduce the sugar in its beverages by 12% by 2020


Coca-Cola has fixed reduce sugar by 12% by 2020 in its beverages, after until 2015 it has managed to reduce it by 6.8%, as reported by the company on Tuesday in a statement. It is one of the six areas of action of the initiative 'Avanzamos', the joint sustainability strategy of The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola European Partners for Western Europe, which has been one year.

Among its priorities, the firm has aimed at 2025 as the year to reach the 50% sales in low calorie products or without calories, when this 2017 has reached 40%.

The corporate director of Institutional Relations, Communication and Sustainability of Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia, Ana Callol, has remarked that "100% of the containers continues to be recyclable", and has listed measures in this line as refillable glass bottles – the 92% that are in the market are-, cuts in the use of raw material to manufacture them and the cleaning of beaches with Fundación Ecomar, among others.

Callol has highlighted the use of water, another of the six areas of 'Avanzamos', that with the improvement of systems and processes has been able to save «12.4% of the water consumption ratio per liter of product produced since 2010 »

Likewise, in the fight against climate change, Coca-Cola has decided to halve its direct carbon emissions and use electricity from renewable sources, although 100% of its sources are already renewable and since 2010, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 38.6% in basic operations and by 26.1% in the value chain. In addition, with respect to the supply chain, the company will ensure that by 2020 100% of its agricultural ingredients come from sustainable resources.

Another objective of the initiative is to promote female talent within the company, especially at management levels. In Coca-Cola Iberia in 2017 reaches 38% and in Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia, 23%.


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