COAM files the complaint against Monasterio for its alleged irregularities

The Commission of Resources of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) has filed the complaint of the municipal group More Madrid against the spokeswoman for Vox, Rocío Monasterio, to investigate whether he committed irregularities during his time as an architect between 2000 and 2007.

The Monastery itself has disseminated on its Twitter account the decision of the COAM Resources Commission, which ratifies the resolution of the Professional Deontological Commission of the College, which claimed that it only has powers to investigate its members, and the Vox leader has not It was at that time.

“The College of Architects of Madrid, in which I am a member, dismisses and files a complaint and appeal filed against me by Councilor Calvo de Mas Madrid. I suppose this will not be news for the progressive media and the socialist pamphlet of El País” , Monasterio has written on the social network.

The COAM Resources Commission, which functions as an independent body of the professional college, has dismissed the appeal presented by the councilor of More Madrid, José Manuel Calvo, against Monasterio for information on the alleged irregularities that he could commit during his stage as an architect , in which he could have signed project plans without having the necessary qualification, and would have falsified official visas.

Monasterio has accused Calvo of trying to violate his “honor” since he has assured that he has never incurred “any illegality” because he never signed any project as a collegiate architect before he was.

According to the leader of Vox, who hired the aforementioned projects was the company Rocío Monasterio y Asociados, S.L. in which he acts as his representative, “not as a technician”, he stressed.

This company hired workers to endorse and process the corresponding licenses in each case, and these employees have always acted “with the diligence that corresponds to their functions,” he adds.


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