Coalicin congratulates farmers for getting aid for irrigation water - La Provincia

Coalicin congratulates farmers for getting aid for irrigation water - La Provincia

Canary Coalition (CC) yesterday congratulated the primary sector of the Archipelago for having "forced" a change in the will of the State Government, which published yesterday the royal decree of the call for aid for agricultural irrigation in the Islands. In a statement, the nationalist formation explained that women and men in the primary sector "have won a battle", although he warned that the future remains an unknown if new victories are not added until the Economic and Fiscal Regime is fully complied with ( REF) agrarian.

Also, CC recalled that there are still to be clarified amounts such as compensation for agricultural insurance or transport aid, in both cases insufficient for the real needs of the island field. He also explained that the total coverage of the additional Posei (aid to agriculture and livestock to compensate for the remoteness), obligation of the State, and that it must appear with a total of 23 million euros, remains to be specified in the budget.

Among other pending issues, CC referred to the signing of the agreement of hydraulic works that will involve the investment of more than 300 million euros, prioritizing the treatment and reuse, "which will also mean a relief for the water resource in the primary sector "

For its part, the Canarian field decided on Friday, when theMinister councilgave the green light to the royal decree, keep the protest called for next April 5 to know in detail the text of the legislative initiative.

Weeks ago they warned that they will not lift their foot until they see that the money is in the coffers of the autonomous community. The agrarian and livestock organizations have taken the weekend to analyze with their legal services the text and check that their allegations have been incorporated.

During the day tomorrow they plan to hold an internal meeting to make a decision on the maintenance of the mobilizations or their suspension.


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