Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Cmplices of your world – The Province

The Canarian society, as well as the institutions, are showing their concern for the care of the environment, not surprisingly the Canary Islands is one of the regions that more plastic recycles per person. This commitment is also that of Aguas de Teror, hence the current priority is the inclusion of rPET in the packages among other measures. Insularity is at the same time the biggest advantage and disadvantage for the Canary Islands. Therefore, the island society must be very aware and promote the development of the production and sale of the ‘local’.

In Aguas de Teror they are aware that environmental conservation and sustainability policies are not a fad, in the company they know the importance of taking care of the environment, a very limited space in the case of the Canary Islands. The company’s commitment to its customers and the Canarian society began in its municipality and its springs. Taking care of the surrounding environment and becoming increasingly involved in the development and growth of the municipality not only in its economic form, but also social. The well-being of the island ecosystem is also the well-being of its people.

For several years the company supports and sponsors initiatives such as the Aguas de Teror Trail – Challenge of the Peaks or teams such as the CB Gran Canaria. Sport and hydration, as the basis of good health, are two important pillars of the Aguas de Teror ideology, hence all actions related to personal well-being seek to always be accompanied by environmental well-being and promote good consumption and recycling practices .

From Aguas de Teror, the Fuenteror bottles stand out, whose packaging is made of 25% recycled content. It is a milestone that allows the Canarian company to close the circle of production, recycling – always with the help of its consumers – and reuse, thus contributing to a more economical circular economy with the planet. With this decision, Aguas de Teror is 5% above the target set by the National Association of Bottled Beverage Water Companies (Aneabe) for the incorporation of recycled plastic (rPET) by 2020. The company’s sustainability policy It also includes other actions such as digital transformation for paper reduction, a returnable glass service for both restoration and home use and sustainable label design, among other measures.

In the most immediate future, Aguas de Teror will continue with the implementation of rPET in the entire product range as well as increasing the percentage of recycled PET in the composition, to progressively reduce the new plastic.

Aguas de Teror, in addition to leaving the bowels of the island territory, arrives directly to the Canarian homes from the factory. This home service with a strong character of closeness shares an island reality. Hence its motto, ‘accomplices of your world’.


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