Clubs support LaLiga against the RFEF ban on playing Mondays and Fridays - La Provincia

The LaLiga Extraordinary General Assembly held on Wednesday expressed his unanimous rejection of "the invasion of powers" by the Real spanish soccer federation on the subject of soccer schedules, from what they understand as a "frontal attack" on "health" and "credibility" of LaLiga for the possibility of breaking commitments with television operators.

All clubs of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank they wanted to make it clear that the competitions on the schedules correspond to LaLiga and they expressed their "deep concern" about the possibility of the Federation preventing the matches on Friday and Monday. Last week the Single Competition Judge ruled that schedules must have RFEF approval.

The president of the Federation, Luis Rubiales, has been repeating in recent weeks his refusal to the formula of recent years. This same Wednesday, shortly before the Assembly of The league, the RFEF recalled that the conference will be on Saturday or Sunday unless agreed with LaLiga by the Coordination Agreement.

Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético de Madrid; José Castro, president of Sevilla FC; Francisco Catalán, president of Levante UD and Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz CD, served as spokespersons at a press conference after the Assembly. "On behalf of Atlético and all LaLiga members, express our deep concern for what we understand to be a clear invasion of competencies we have in LaLiga from the Federation, "said the rojiblanco leader.

"On the basis of these competencies LaLiga has signed agreements with television operators, which contemplate playing matches Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and based on those contracts all clubs have acquired commitments with the players, with other clubs. Call into question this competition, that the operators stop paying part of the signed contracts, calls into question the possibility of the clubs to fulfill our commitment with players and coaches. Hence, the deep concern, "he added.

"We are really worried, because there is no doubt that television rights are super important in the day-to-day economy of clubs and because in addition those same rights have made our league the most important in the world, that the clubs are healthy, that LaLiga is respected and the most seen in the world, but above all that the club subscribers do not have to climb Fertilizers All as a result of television revenues, and we are worried that these revenues can be reduced because they are totally necessary to continue growing as a league in world football, "said the president of Seville.

"Reiterate what they have said and add that it is an exercise of responsibility that we are transmitting, because we have made some commitments with some operators and we cannot change the rules of the game from one day to the next. It can have a serious impact on financial health and on all in credibility as a league. It is a frontal attack on the stability and health of the clubs, "added Catalan.


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