Closing of the Holy Door closing in Avila the first Teresian Jubilee Year

Closing of the Holy Door closing in Avila the first Teresian Jubilee Year

The closing of the Holy Door by the bishop of Ávila, Jesús García Burillo, has served to close the first Teresian Jubilee Year in history, with an eye on 2023, when the feast of the patron saint of the capital of Avila will fall again on Sunday.

The most awaited moment of this typical autumn afternoon in Avila was at 6:14 pm, when García Burillo took the key to the Holy Door to close it for five years, before the attentive gaze of thousands of congregated faithful in the Plaza de La Santa.

There is the birthplace of Santa Teresa de Jesus, which currently houses the convent and the church inside which was the image that this afternoon, after the solemn closing ceremony and Vespers, has been moved by the walkers to the Cathedral of El Salvador.

There it will remain until tomorrow because, after the celebration of the Major Mass, coinciding with the feast of Santa Teresa, the image attributed to Gregorio Fernández (XVI) will return again in procession through the most central streets of the city to his Natal House, where He will bid farewell to the Virgin of Charity (15th century).

The vicar general of the Order of the Discalced Carmel, Agustí Borrell, has underlined the incidence that the Teresian Jubilee has had "in the whole world", which in his opinion has made it possible to make known "the news of Santa Teresa".

He also recalled that on November 28 there will be 450 of the first community of Carmelite friars in Duruelo, from where "they went immediately to Mancera and then to Ávila", so that "this community is a continuation of this history of the Discalced Carmelites that Santa Teresa initiated ".


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