Clínica Corachan, best private hospital in Spain according to the Top 20 and BSH awards

Clínica Corachan has been awarded the Top 20 and BSH - Best Spanish Hospitals Awards® for the best hospital in Spain in the categories of Global Hospital Management and Global Clinical Management, respectively. These recognitions represent a relevant distinction both for the center itself and for all its professionals, and endorse the commitment, effort and involvement of the Clinic in the continuous improvement of quality, care excellence and efficient management.

TOP 20 award for the sixth consecutive year

It is the sixth consecutive year that Clínica Corachan has been awarded the TOP 20 for the best Global Hospital Management, an award that distinguishes it as one of the most efficient and best valued centers in Spain.

After 21 years, the Top 20 Awards, organized by IASIST, an IQVIA company, are fully consolidated in the Spanish healthcare environment and are recognized by the hospitals themselves, health administrations and insurance companies as a differential element to evaluate the comparative quality of the centers. This year the program has included a new additional and voluntary block, whose objective is to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 based on the information from January to May 2020.

BSH Award - Best Spanish Hospitals Awards®

Clínica Corachan is consolidated as one of the best hospitals in Spain, also according to the BSH Awards. In its second edition, the center has been distinguished as the best hospital in Global Clinical Management, and has been a finalist in the categories of women's area, circulatory system, digestive system and hepatopancreas, and overall results.

The BSH awards, organized by the consulting firms Higia Benchmarking and ASHO, highlight the good practices in hospital management and quality of care of public and private acute hospitals nationwide. This year the Covid-19 report was presented, which details the impact of the pandemic on Spanish hospitals during the first wave. Among the most relevant data, hospital deaths have been analyzed: 83.3% were directly related to Covid-19, which represents more than 8 out of 10 deaths, and the mortality rate of those hospitalized rose from 3% in 2019 to 5.6% this year as a result of the irruption of the coronavirus.

About Clínica Corachan

Founded in 1921, Clínica Corachan is one of the most prestigious private healthcare centers in Catalonia, which combines tradition and modernity, which guarantees the maximum healthcare excellence and personalized treatment. Center, equipped with a state-of-the-art surgical block, an emergency service, 150 rooms of maximum comfort and a diagnostic department For the high-end image pioneer in Europe, it occupies a total area of ​​42,000 m2 in which more than 1,200 professionals and collaborators work directly or indirectly. It has all the medical and surgical specialties and has a team of prestigious professionals coordinated and oriented to offer the patient the best medical assistance in a personalized way.

Corachan maintains collaboration agreements with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Central University of Catalunya-UdV, in the field of teaching, training and the transfer of knowledge in health sciences.


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