Climate change: The elephant we do not see | Society

Climate change: The elephant we do not see | Society

With three elections on the horizon, the candidates turn their backs on today's most serious problem: environment. The feminist mobilizations have alerted the parties. The right fears losing votes on that flank. The impressive demonstrations of young Europeans against climate change do not succeed, however, impregnate the political discourse; as if the threat was too far away. They are wrong or perhaps they consider the company too huge to be put to it.

Students from Belgium and France are up in arms. They go out into the street for hundreds of thousands to ask for a better future. Green matches rebound and get good results at the polls in Belgium, but also in Germany. Everything indicates that the wave of protests is going to increase also among young Spaniards. The unique feat of the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg is a symbol of a movement that is expected unstoppable and massive.

Stopping climate change is a huge goal for which no party can fight alone. Because in addition to reducing emissions we must preserve the environment and that entails a social transformation as profound as the one that feminism is achieving. A reader recently published a letter to the director that very simply explained the problem. "You get up," he said, "prepare a coffee with milk (brik to recycle) and toast with cheese spread (tub to recycle)" … "Soap, shampoo, moisturizer … in plastic containers". Perhaps you have already noticed that every time you make an important purchase in the supermarket you fill a plastic, paper and cardboard packaging bag.

The transformation to which we are obliged, in short, goes beyond the limits of renewable energies, clean transport and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Our consumption model is unsustainable and, if we continue along the same path, the planet advances to become a gigantic dunghill unable to regenerate. The oceans already have difficulties doing so in polluted waters where the zoological diversity is in decline, as on the surface. Our irresponsibility has reached outer space, where 22,000 large pieces of space debris and millions of small artifacts float, according to NASA.

Politicians who take it seriously are expelled from the system. There is the case of the French Minister Nicolas Hulot, who left the Government of Macron for lack of progress.

An elephant is walking past us, a big and dangerous giant, and we are not able to see it. It is not strange that young people are so alarmed.


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