September 24, 2020

Climate change policy “was and will continue to be a priority for Spain”, according to Ramón-Laca




The energy transition is irreversible and offers our country a great opportunity to transform its economy. The pandemic forces to accelerate investments to get out of the crisis and, above all, create jobs. These are some of the conclusions of the ABC forum on sustainable economy held today, sponsored by Acciona, and which has had the participation of the director general of the Treasury and Financial Policy, Pablo de Ramón-Laca; the senior regulatory manager of Acciona, Pablo Alcaraz; the director of the ILO office in Spain, Joaquín Nieto; from the executive director of the Spanish Global Compact Network, Cristina Sánchez; and the managing partner of AFI’s Applied Economics area, Diego Vizcaíno. In forum has been


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