July 27, 2021

Climate Change Law: electric cars in Spain

Climate Change Law: electric cars in Spain

The future text of the Climate Change Law contemplates the possibility of prohibiting the registration of vehicles that emit carbon dioxide (CO2), including diesel, gasoline and hybrid models, from the year 2040.

The measure, announced yesterday, seeks that Spain meets the objectives of the Paris Agreement to fight against climate change. As shown by this graph of Statista, according to data from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, in the first six months of the year only 0.68% of the cars registered had an electric motor. In view of the data it is seen that, at the moment, the Spanish buyer is not willing to purchase an electric car.

With the exception of Norway, in all other countries of the Old Continent this figure is in all cases less than 6%. In the case of Norway, the figure is over 40 percent. And in countries like Italy or Greece the percentage of electric cars is less than 0.5 percent.


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