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Climate change, after the tropical phenomena in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The climate change It could increase the occurrence of tropical phenomena in the Archipelago. This is evidenced by Juan Jesús González, a Grancanario researcher who belongs to the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Castilla- La Mancha, and that studies the effects of this variation in the Atlantic Ocean. While it is true, it warns that there is still insufficient evidence to predict evolution.

It should be noted that in this research scientists from the educational institution to which the canary belongs, in collaboration with researchers from the American University of Princeton and of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of the aforementioned American country. "Climate change could increase the occurrence of tropical storms such as Delta or Leslie. However, we are making calculations and analyzing data that can give us more clues. Therefore, it is not yet possible to offer accurate conclusions," he says.

The Atlantic, in addition to its immensity, highlights the existence of currents that have the ability to transport heat from one area to another. A reality that greatly hinders scientific studies related to global warming. "Due to its characteristics, it is very difficult to know for sure what can happen. However, in the specific case of the Islands, and as indicated by the general assumptions, the climate of the Archipelago could increasingly resemble that of Cabo Green ", adds the professional of the Institute of Environmental Sciences.


Likewise, another study developed by the same group recently warned of the occurrence of violent hurricanes in the Mediterranean at the end of the present century, which will break into the autumn season. "Certain storms could become tropical cyclones with characteristics very similar to the hurricanes of the Caribbean. In terms of intensity, they will be more and more similar to category 1 hurricanes, or could even reach category 2, "notes the atmosphere physics specialist. However, these phenomena – known as Medicanes – would be less frequent, but more intense, as a consequence of the climatic alteration. "The rains would be stronger, they would cause more damage, and therefore, a greater impact on society," says the physicist.


As regards the Isolated Depression in High Levels (DANA) -or cold drop- that has moved to the south of the Mediterranean and has caused human losses and significant damage, the researcher appreciates that it is an "anomalous" situation. An affirmation that sustains when putting in value the devastating precipitations that it is leaving in the territory.

"The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are getting warmer, which favors these episodes being more extreme. You cannot say that climate change is responsible for the intensity, but if we analyze the torrentiality of rainfall, it is likely that there are contributed, "he says.

As the scientist clarifies, the Danas are characterized by intense storms that leave persistent rainfall. "The relationship between storm and DANA is a reality, but what has happened now is a clear sign that the temperature of the Mediterranean is rising," Gonzalez insists. In fact, this increase has already shown to keep a very close link with the climatic variation. "If the water is hotter, the potential of the rains increases. You have to take into account that the water evaporates, so the clouds have more capacity to give way to rainfall," he says.

Based on Gonzalez's words, the effects of climate change "are moving faster and faster." For this reason, it is important to take actions that contribute to slow its evolution. "It is convenient to emit less greenhouse gases – because of its serious consequences in the atmosphere – and at the state level, to bet on laws that ensure the well-being of the planet," says the Grancanario scientist.

The use of public transport is another of the actions that the physics specialist of the atmosphere calls "fundamental" to reduce pollution levels, in addition to carrying out activities that favor energy savings. "It is very important to reduce energy consumption. For that, it is necessary to create greater social awareness," he says.

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