May 17, 2021

Clients and banks align with volunteers – The Province

Clients and banks align with volunteers - The Province

Caixabank invites, for the first time, a hundred customers in the Canary Islands to participate in its social week, in which a third of the workforce of the financial group companies collaborates from March 30 to April 7, with the aim of involving them in the various projects of 70 solidarity groups.

"Victor told me, the director of my office and friend, I thought it would be interesting to live another experience outside the banking business to enter the personal field, a good initiative", values ​​Manuel Socorro, 47 years old and neighbor of the capital of Gran Canaria, before playing a game of indoor football together workers of Caixabank and members of the Association of Parents of Mothers of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (Apadis) within the framework of the social week of the financial institution, with more than 3,000 activities throughout Spain in charge of 1,500 non-profit entities from March 30 to April 7.

Apart from the staff of Caixabank and other companies of the group, with a participation of more than 12,000 employees in the state territory, the social week opens this year the invitation to its clientele to offer the possibility of getting up close and fully involved in the work of solidarity developed by the financial group throughout the year. More than a hundred clients are invited to collaborate, for example, in any of the 110 activities organized by 70 entities until next Sunday in the archipelago with half a thousand workers, one third of the Canarian staff of the business group.

Next to Manuel Socorro, of course, appears Víctor García, 46 years old and director of the branch of Caixabank in the capital Triana street, who changes the tie for the shoes in the process of transformation to an office store to offer "more personalized and specialized attention to customers". Like his friend Manuel, financial advisor in addition to athlete and amateur cyclist, Víctor shows a fit physique, therefore, he finds "more motivation" in the sports activities of social volunteering, but help "where there is an opportunity" regardless of their exact work or specific date.

"I usually participate in volunteering, beyond the social week, the company encourages us to have contact with other realities because of their idiosyncrasy, there is a total implication of all the companions with this type of activity, almost all of us participate in some occasion, not only the money matters, we already demonstrated it with the clients themselves and also outside, the social work of La Caixa has an annual budget of 15 million euros in the Canary Islands ", argues Víctor García, in fact, a footballer in another game played with the group of people with disabilities at the end of last year In a private educational center, with inflexible Germanic discipline, thirty men and women celebrate the return meeting months later. of revenge, divided into mixed teams both by sex and by club (Apadis or Caixabank).

"Very big satisfaction"

In the opinion of the director of Caixabank in Triana, "always look for a meaning to work, that somehow reverses in society, so to be able to participate directly in an activity that contributes a grain of sand is a very big satisfaction ".

And social responsibility is not limited to the interior of Spanish borders, but extends beyond thanks to the participation of teams from the international area of ​​Caixabank, with offices in 18 countries. Specifically, the financial institution offered 150 places of volunteering in China, India, Brazil, Italy, Peru, Singapore, Germany, France, Poland, the United States and Morocco during the social week.

With virtual visibility thanks to the #SerVoluntarioSuma and #VoluntariosLaCaixa tags in social networks, the seven days of solidarity include activities such as school support for children at risk of exclusion, the accompaniment of older people in leisure proposals or the reforestation of forests after a fire, according to a summary in a press release from the financial institution. Through its territorial capillarity, Caixabank's network of offices can support the work of the Banca La Caixa Foundation by detecting local needs and channeling part of its investment, the same sources continue before attributing to the collaboration between both institutions the access of thousands of solidarity associations to the financial aid of the financial group, without forgetting the selfless collaboration of the volunteer employees.

More than 11,500 projects of almost 9,500 entities throughout Spain Last year they received a boost thanks to the commitment of the Caixabank offices to the social fabric of their environment and to the budget of the Banca La Caixa Foundation, estimated at 43.6 million during 2018. To underscore their deep social vocation, they also remember that it is the only entity present in 100% of the populations of more than 10,000 inhabitants and in 94% of localities above 5,000 residents, besides presenting an exclusive offer of microcredits to people without guarantees or endorsements through Microbank to help in the achievement of individual or professional projects.

Therefore, the international reference Dow Jones Sustainability Index places CaixaBank among the sixteen best financial institutions in the world and among the four European in terms of corporate responsibility, while the Carbon Disclosure Project includes the Spanish firm as a leading company against climate change. The Caixabank Strategic Plan 2019-2021 it is committed to maintaining itself as a benchmark institution in socially responsible banking through five priority action lines (integrity, transparency and diversity, governance, environment, financial inclusion, together with volunteering and social action).


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