October 30, 2020

Clement Noel repeats victory in Wengen a year later

Alpine Skiing World Cup. The Frenchman takes the victory in an amazing slalom race in Wengen.

Wengen is the place where Clement Noel achieved his first victory in the World Cup last season. Henrik Kristoffersen was second (+ 0.40) and Alexander Khoroshilov third (+ 0.83).

Clement Noel won the race in the first round, where he scored the best time, 0.67s faster than anyone. During the second race, he fought against the attack of Henrik Kristoffersen, who finished once again in second place (third consecutive time in the slalom).

“It’s the kind of earring that is really technical. You have to be very technical and very strong. There are some flat parts and some steep parts and some movement on the slope. It’s a difficult slope and I like it, ”he laughed. “It’s never easy, I just try to push and do my best, and on some slopes and in some conditions I can be the fastest man.”

Clement Noel debuted at the World Cup in Levi in ​​2016. A month later he finished in the Top 20 in Val d’Isere and completed his way to the Top 10 in Kitzbühel. Finally, in 2019, at the age of 21, he won the first World Cup race in Wengen.

This season Noel is in the race for the slalom crystal globe. “The slalom is really different because it is very fast and you have no room for error because you can DNF really fast. So you have to be very focused, like a robot. Left, right, left, right, left, right, ”explained Noel. “It’s not like dancing, but it’s a sensation, a vibration, and I really enjoy it. If I like skiing, and if I am a good skier, I have to continue this way. I have continued so far, and that’s it. ”

Alexander Khoroshilov (RUS) positively impressed the Swiss public and crossed the finish line in third place thanks to an excellent final leg of his second race. The Russian skier returns to the podium almost three years after his third place at Schladming in 2017.


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