Clear rules and public support, keys to a year of music resistance

Zamora, Mar 27 (EFE) .- A clear and proportionate regulation in relation to the pandemic, as well as the support of public institutions when organizing concerts and events, are the main demands of the Spanish music industry for 2021 to be “a year of resistance” for the sector.

These two keys to survival have been raised by the Association of Technical Representatives of the Show (ARTE), statewide, within the framework of the Hispanic Lusa Music Industry Fair (Fhlim) held in Zamora with the assistance of 150 companies and about 1,500 professionals.

This group of representatives of artists, concert promoters and musical agents in the area, which this Saturday held a meeting at the Fhlim, has defended that culture is safe and it has already been shown that it is possible to hold events “under the necessary conditions, without contagion “.

The managing director of the association, Soco Collado, told Efe this Saturday that health restrictions have made more than 90 percent of the usual activity in the sector impossible.

“2020 has been a completely lost year and we try to make 2021 a year of resistance because the recovery will not come until 2022,” he assured.

To do this, he has asked for a “clear and proportionate” regulation with regard to covid-19, and the support of municipalities to use their festivities and culture budgets in activities adapted so that “the entire value chain that forms the live show works. ”

In this regard, he has drawn attention to the fact that not only the thousand companies representing artists and concert promoters are at stake.

Behind them are 300,000 jobs, from the one who drives a van, to the one who accompanies the artist, the one who makes the posters, the sound technician, the editor or the indirect industry that moves live music by generating income in hospitality, accommodation and tourism.

The desire to resume the activity is evident in the fair that is held this weekend in Zamora, in which the promoters of music festivals are present with posters closed three months after their celebration, such as the Vintoro (from 18 to June 20) or the Valladolid Connection (June 25 and 26).


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