May 15, 2021

Clavijo to negotiate the Budgets with Batet and Montero the next January 31 – The Province

Clavijo to negotiate the Budgets with Batet and Montero the next January 31 - The Province

The president ofGovernment of the Canary Islandshe feels cheated byPedro Sánchezand will not stop until you get a signed agreement that guarantees theFiscal Economic Regime (REF) and the economic items that correspond to the Canarian Community.This is the message that will be conveyed in the meeting that has just been closed with the Minister of Territorial Administration, Meritxell Batet, and that of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, which will be held next Thursday, January 31, in which it will be negotiated theState's general budgets.

"Next January 31 we will give you the documentation and the amendments that have to be made to comply with the REF," says Clavijo, who also conditions his support for the public accounts ofPedro Sánchez.

In this sense, Clavijo makes it clear that he will not be in any agreement"with Vox or with Podemos". "Extremes do not defend the State as we consider it," he says, and then assure that they will not be in an "alliance" in which PDECat and ERC participate.

"We need to have the support of the number of deputies or we will present the amendment to the whole, we will continue to maintain dialogue as an autonomous community, we will be loyal as we have been," he adds.

The Canarian president considers that in this meeting the relationship with the central Government"can be redirected",but it is clear that for thisPedro Sánchezmust commit to the Canarian investment, which will require next Thursday with a signed agreement. "They already cheated on me once.Pedro Sánchezhe cheated me. I am an optimistic and loyal person, but I am not an innocent, "he adds.

However, Clavijo hopes that it is not necessary to go to court. "I hope not, I understand that the laws that are passed are for compliance, not for the photo," he explains.

In this sense, Clavijo has criticized Sánchez for hiding "and not giving his face". "He is perfectly aware that we are right and that he can not give me the answer, he knows that we are right and prioritizes other interests," he laments.

Likewise,has recriminated the Chief Executive who has not convened the Conference of Presidentsdespite the fact that he "undertook" to convene it. "He has not done it, now on the 31st the excuse will be that we are close to elections and that he may be politicized," he adds.


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