September 21, 2020

Clavijo regrets that the PSOE sees the special commission on the ‘brexit’ – La Provincia

The senator for the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands,Fernando Clavijo Batlle, lamented today, on the Board of Spokespersons of the Upper House, that thePSOE leave the creation of a special commission on thebrexit despite the economic and political impact it will have on the Canary Islandsand in the rest of the territory of the State.

The socialists and their government partnersthey refused to approve said commission arguing that the issues related to the United Kingdom’s departure from theEuropean Unionwill be analyzed in the Mixed CommissionHe studies European affairs.Pegconsiders “an error that the issue that will mark the political and economic agenda in Spain and the EU, with an unequal impact on the regional territories, is diluted as one more issue in a generic commission.”

Pegstressed the importance of his initiative because“we are entering a period of enormous complexity in which all doubts that still exist on economic and commercial issues will have to be resolved, the single market, the customs union, the rights of Spanish citizens residing in the United Kingdom, health care, the right to vote, the impact on tourism, the operability of the companies integrated in the IAG group, the transport of merchandise, its impact on the agricultural and fisheries market, common research and university programs, etc. “

Fourteen years without debate on the state of autonomy

The other proposal he defendedPegon the Board of Spokesmen wasthe need for the debate on the state of autonomy to be convened as soon as possible, which has not been held for 14 years. The Board agreed to leave the matter on the table until all the Commissions are constituted.

PegHe pointed out, in this regard, that “theSenate, as a territorial representation chamber, it must play a fundamental role in this dialogue legislature between the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Communities, and host in 2020 both the Conference of Presidents and the debate on the state of autonomy, which is not held since 2005″.

Article 56 bis 8 of the Regulations of theSenatestates that “theSenateit will hold an annual plenary session whose agenda will be devoted entirely to analyzing the state of the Autonomies. “Once the Government is constituted, the Upper House should serve as a framework for a debate on the State of the Autonomies at a time when It is vital to ensure coordination between the State and the Autonomous Communities.

Thedebate on the State of Autonomies in theSenate, which is a Chamber designed for territorial debate,It has not been celebrated for 14 years. Until nowThere have only been three sessions of this debate within the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities:in 1994, 1997 and 2005. The current president of the Government undertook to recover it in October 2018, but never made the formal request before the president of theSenate.

And, on the other hand, he indicated that“the convening of the next Conference of Presidents is essential,which must also be held in this House. The last one was held on January 17, 2017. And in that last meeting it was agreed, among other matters, the modification of its Regulations to ensure that the Conference is convened annually. “


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