October 28, 2020

Clavijo demands the urgent appearance of Ábalos and Maroto about the crisis in the Canary Islands after the fall of Thomas Cook – La Provincia

The senator ofCanary Coalitionand former president of the Government of the Islands,Fernando Clavijo, has requested the urgent appearance in the Senate of the Minister of Public Works,José Luis Ábalos, and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, for whatreport the actions in the Canary Islandsto alleviate the crisis created by the bankruptcy ofThomas Cook.

Since the Courts are dissolved by the convocation ofgeneral elections, Clavijo demands the presence of both ministers before the Permanent Deputation of the Chamber. As he explained when presenting the initiative on Tuesday, the disappearance of the said tour operator worsens"the serious connectivity crisis"which already had the archipelago, which requires measures.

Clavijo has assured that the next closure of the bases ofRyanairYNorwegianin the Canary Islands and has demanded that Ábalos propose how to incentivize air traffic by reducing rates.

In the same vein, it has required that theMinister of Tourismexplain what your ministry does in terms of tourism promotion, especially in the Canary Islands, to mitigate the effects of this crisis facing thetourism in the Canary Islands, which gets worse with theBrexitand thecooling of the German economy.

Likewise, Fernando Clavijo asks the minister to explain what contingency plan he plans to develop, in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, to boost air connectivity to curb the foreseeable fall in passenger traffic due to the effects of that connectivity crisis that threatens the Canary's future.

Doubts about the residents discount

Another issue that the senator wants to discuss with Ábalos is the price of tickets for residents of the islands. Specifically, Clavijo wants the minister to explain what data the Ministry crosses with the Tax Agency, travel of residents and therentthat they have, to obtain information about the correlation between them.

Ábalos himself spoke of this matter in theCongress stand at the last Plenary, before an interpellation of Canary Coalition. The minister noted that it was studied whether some people "benefited too much" from the discount for residents and according to Clavijo, "has raised alarm and fear for the continuity of a measure that, far from being a benefit, is a right of canaries that is included in the Statute of Autonomy "."Explanations are necessary", added the senator.


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