October 21, 2020

Clavijo defends regulating holiday tourism to have reasonable rents

Clavijo defends regulating holiday tourism to have reasonable rents

The president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, has argued that the regulation that Parliament wants to introduce on holiday homes in the reform of the tourism law does not respond to "no hurry", but to the need that "people can live on rent at reasonable prices. "

"It is not fruit of any hurry, as some want to see, is an issue that has been present throughout the legislature," said Efe Clavijo, who understands that the association of holiday home owners Ascav want to defend their rights, but the institutions seek to protect "the general interest".

The Parliament of the Canary Islands is waiting to receive a report from the Consultative Council to discuss a proposal to reform the autonomous tourism legislation that imposes conditions and limits on holiday homes in certain contexts.

At the end of the last legislature, during the presidency of Paulino Rivero, the Canarian Government regulated this activity with a decree prohibiting holiday homes in tourist areas and that did not allow renting of single rooms, two limitations that the Supreme Court has eliminated in their sentences, considering them contrary to the freedom of company.

Clavijo has specified that the calendar of debate of the new legal reform, which could be addressed in the last plenary session of the legislature, corresponds to mark it to Parliament, not to the Government, but it has insisted that it is necessary to regulate this sector.

"It is necessary and important to regulate the holiday home so that it is compatible with the rent and so that there is no increase in rental prices that makes it impossible for our people to live in. That is the balance," he said.

The president has also denied that anything is being imposed without talking to the sector, because it takes "more than two years working" and Tourism Minister, Isaac Castellano, has been in contact with all parties interested in this business.

"Faced with the legitimate position of an employer that defends their rights, which is not all the employers, but an association, ASCAV, we have to assess not only the business, but the people can live rent at a reasonable price They do not represent the general interest, they represent their particular interest, "he argued.


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