March 2, 2021

Clavijo announces in Fitur that the Canary Islands will have two million squares for the Spanish market this winter – La Provincia

Clavijo announces in Fitur that the Canary Islands will have two million squares for the Spanish market this winter - La Provincia

The president of the Canary Islands,Fernando Clavijo, announced today, Wednesday, that "theCanary Islandscount for thiswinter with two millionofaerial squaress from the Spanish market to the Archipelago, which is 11.4% more than last season. "Clavijo spoke especially about the connectivity of the Islands during the opening of the International Fair oftourismfrom Madrid (Fitur) of 2019.

"In the coming months, air connectivity will live momentsof uncertaintyand that's why we have to continue working as we have done so far, with determination, and with tools such asFlight Development Fund,among others, because thanks to that work today the Canary Islands is connected with156 destinations and operate with the Islands856 routes "he said. On the tourist prospects for the whole year, the president highlighted the solidity of the Spanish market, not only this winter, but for the next summer season, with a 7.1 percent increase.

During his speech, Fernando Clavijo took stock of the year 2018 in tourism, which has been closed as thesecond best yearof the tourist industry in the Canary Islands with 15.5 million touriststhanks, among other things, to the policy of market diversification. "Part of these figures are a consequence of the good performance of the Spanish market, which has been able to offset a large part of the 3.6% decrease in foreigners compared to almost 5% of the recovery ofSpanish tourists,that will reach 1,700,000, "said the president, who thanked the tourism sector for its work and highlighted the increase in tourist spending and employment in the sector, despite the loss of those 500,000 tourists compared to the previous year." A number that, on the other hand, shows that all our visitors were not borrowed from competing destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey, since they have continued to come to the Canary Islands 1.5 million of 2 million growth achieved in 2016 or 2017. "

As regards the creation of employment, the number of affiliates to theSocial SecurityIn the Hospitality and Travel Agency sectors, it reached 153,894 last December, which means an interannual growth of 1.8%. On the other hand, the average of affiliates registered between the months of January and December grew in the Canary Islands and in Spain by 2.7% and 3.5%, respectively.

"Once again, we have shown that the Canary Islands destination is a leading destination, solid and with enough tools to overcome the different junctures of an economy as important for the Canaries as tourism," remarked Fernando Clavijo because, he said, " Canarias has an undeniable raw material and makes a continuous effort to strengthen the sector, toimprove infrastructuresand the formation of the human tissue that makes thatleadership"In this sense, the head ofCanary GovernmentHe highlighted the joint work that is being done so that island destinations are once again chosen by millions of people for their vacations.

"This union is what has made it possible for these to be thebest tourist years in the history of the Canary Islands,but we do not have to settle for counting numbers, that is not our job, but continue to support the industry so that it remains a world leader because the archipelago is more than sun and beach, it is diversification, innovation, renovation, and an offer with endless of possibilities for those who choose us. "

Canarian pavilion in Fitur

The pavilion of the Canary Islands at the International Tourism Fair(Fitur),which is celebrated this week in Madrid, has400 square meters of images of the Archipelagoin a display with fixed images and holographic effect. Also, as a novelty, there is also a screen tamper ofmeasurement of emotions.In addition, the new pavilion of the Canary Islands has different spaces, although integrated, and the work area accommodates44 boxesindividualized and work tables for 120 people to respond to the needs of Canarian tour operators.

In addition, it has opted for the revitalization of the pavilion with surprises of animation during the weekend:show-cooking,tastings and music so that the non-professional public, the final customer, knows what the wide range of destinations in the Canary Islands can offer. To carry out these activities we have the collaboration of the students of the Escuela Escuela de Canarias(Hecansa),staff of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water, through the Canary Institute of Agrifood Quality (ICCA) and Management of the Rural Environment of the Canary Islands (GMR), within the Grow Together project to generate synergies between the tourism sector and the primary .

Like every year, Fitur star in the first professional tourism event and is a first-rate opportunity to take the pulse of the next tourist season, as well as an unavoidable meeting place with the participation of governments and tourism agents from165 countriesof the five continents, more than 140,000 professional visitors, the media coverage of8,000 journalistsand accredited bloggers, as well as the direct participation of more than4,500 media.


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