Clavijo and Domínguez seal the distribution of power this weekend

Clavijo and Domínguez seal the distribution of power this weekend

The top leaders of the Canary Islands Coalition (CC)) and the Popular Party (PP) they plan meet this weekend to seal the power sharing that allows them to continue advancing on pending issues and to be able to close throughout the next week a pact to rule the autonomous community.

Once negotiating committees of both parties have paved the way and made clear the will of both organizations to govern together, will be the Secretary General of the Nationalists, Fernando Clavijo, and the President of the Conservatives, Manuel Domínguezwho sit for define the details of the agreement.


On the table will be the power sharing between both organizations as well as the search for balances Not only by formations, but by territories. In view of that the president and vice president are men from Tenerifehe Popular Party will claim the Presidency of Parliamentan institution that should remain in the hands of a person from Gran Canaria.

Similarly, and consistent with the campaign carried out by the conservatives and the position held during this last legislature, his intention is to direct the Ministry of Health "yes or yes". In this sense, sources of this formation have indicated that They do not rule out having crossed charges in the different departments that take over if this center-right agreement is finally signed.

The two work teamsor they sat down on Thursday for the first time and established some Common bases regarding a government program based on nine axes which happens, fundamentally, through promote and improve essential public servicess, revive the economy and the generation of quality employment and move towards a "fair progressive and balanced" taxation.


In addition, both formations are committed to extend the agreement to local entitiesa formula that would allow them to govern together the councils of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, as well as important town halls, including Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de La Palma or Puerto del Rosario.

He Popular Party and Canarian Coalition -together with the vote of the Independent Herreña Association- suman 35 deputiesa figure that does not reach the majority of the Parliament of the Canary Islands located at 36 seats.

For this they have the three acts of the Gomera Socialist Association (ASG) -which would once again be the key to the Government, although if the PP finally obtains the last seat for Lanzarote, it would not be necessary. Even so, the nationalists want to count on Casimiro Curbelo in the formula that suits you best, or as part of the Executive, with external support to the pact or directing public entities without directing a Ministry.

In this mandate, the people of La Gomera have been in charge of the Ministry of Tourism -defended by Yaiza Castilla- but they have also had Canary Islands and Visocan Ports in their hands.

Meeting for the generals

In parallel, Canary and New Canary Islands Coalition are planning to sit this weekend to address the possibility of attending the meetings together general elections next July.

A pact between the two Canarian nationalist forces I could give you two deputies, as happened in this last legislature, in which Ana Oramas was the parliamentarian for Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Pedro Quevedo -councilor for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria- and María Fernández -counselor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria- shared the time for the province of Las Palmas. In addition, this alliance could add, in the best of cases, up to three senators on the islands of La Palma, Fuerteventura and Tenerife.

In this regard, both sources from Coalición Canaria and Nueva Canarias have indicated that the expectations of reaching an agreement are good, to which the decision of the NC leader, Román Rodríguez, not to run for these elections, as Pedro Quevedo has done.