Claudio would have smiled | Culture

Claudio would have smiled | Culture

With its black nozzle for cigars and its sea lion appearance among the global letters, Claudio López Lamadrid I would not have stopped smiling this Wednesday. The jury, before announcing it after dinner, would have already entrusted the secret that Patricio Pron I had won the Alfaguara Novel Prize.

But it has been almost two weeks since he left, leaving an astonished trail of wounded letter-writing orphans and an inevitable sadness in the celebrations of the prizes that will come. For that reason, during the meal and the delivery, he crossed between the plates the painful breeze of his disheveled and acute absence, exquisite and attentive, with a keen eye and a sense of great discoverer of talent.

She was noticed by the editors and colleagues she formed and with whom she collaborated in Penguin Random House and other previous stamps in his career; also the authors who encouraged and published. Even writers who had once wanted to be chosen by him and his most worthy competitors in the always uncertain business of publishing.

It used to be one of the priorities for editing by Claudio López Lamadrid, the risk without a network that the suspicion of pitch. "

Even so, López Lamadrid was present from the first moment. Especially since Núria Cabutí, CEO of the group, declared that this award was dedicated to her name. It corroborated Pron, who recalled the support he always offered as a fixed signature of his literary tribe. If somehow we would have to define it, we would say that for years a range of enormous eclectic quality set in, no matter in which cardinal points it was. It was previously among his priorities the risk without network that the suspicion of pitch.

One of those references for him -as for Pilar Reyes, editor of Alfaguara- was the most risky literature in Spanish. So the prize born 22 years ago with vocation of common territory for a global language, seemed conceived to your liking even when it did not concern you. The different tables with the names of the winners witnessed it with signs that read the crumbs of two decades. Also the presence in the act of several of them: from the Spaniards Clara Sánchez, Manuel Vicent or Ray Loriga to Latin Americans like Santiago Roncagliolo (Peru).

A burden of prestige for those who receive it. For that reason, Pron did not hide his nervousness when entering the room, with his leather jacket and his air of intruder, although in one of the first rows, keeping the secret for lunch, the moment awaited his wife, Giselle Etcheverry She smiled while the Argentine author with whom he shares his life in Madrid for years, crumbled his vision of what are the dystopian contemporary couple relationships: that gasoline that has given him the right to write Tomorrow we will have other names.

Maybe some do, but others, like Claudio López Lamadrid and Patricio Pron will remain united as a transcendental pact written with good iconoclastic lyrics.


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