Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Claudio Rodríguez dies, the voice of ‘Dumbledore’ and Charlton Heston

A charismatic voice in the world of cinema, that of the doubler, has been extinguished Claudio Rodriguez, what He died yesterday at 86 years old, as confirmed by the Dubbing Artists Union of Madrid (Adoma). The Zamorano doubled to Spanish characters in the history of cinema as well known as Professor Albus Dumbledore de la saga Harry Potter and renowned actors like Charlton Heston or Burt Lancaster.

Certainly, Claudio Rodríguez, who was born in the Zamorano town of La Bóveda de Toro in August 1933, had a long professional career during which he accumulated more than 2,000 titles. That is why the management entity of actors and dancers Aisge has described the deceased in his Twitter account as “the best voice in the history of dubbing”. In fact, one of Heston's best-known scenes, his final regret in the movie Planet of the Apes, was dubbed by the Spanish actor.

Career path

Other dubbing and interpretations of Claudio Rodríguez

Claudio Rodríguez began his career in Radio Juventud de España, together with Luis del Olmo. Later, it began in the dubbing of films replacing the voices of other actors such as Roger Moore, Paul Naschy, Omar Sharif, George C. Scott, Anthony Quinn, Gary Oldman or Michael Gambon. He has also been seen on tapes such as The escape of Segovia or The trip to nowhere, as well as in television series like More than friends, The commissioner or Let's do it. For years, he also spent part of his time teaching dubbing.

On the occasion of such a prolific career, the AISGE Foundation awarded him the Actúa Award a year ago, an act in which Rodríguez defended that the dubber "is not an enemy of the actor, but a help", while reminding that Charlton Heston told him his admiration when they met: "Thanks to you I am famous in Spain," he said.

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