Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Clashes between antifascists and Vox supporters

Enfrentamientos entre CDR y simpatizantes de Vox en l’Hospitalet y Blanes

About sixty protesters
antifascist have faced against several supporters of Vox when the latter pretended install a table
informative in the Paseo de Mar de Blanes this Sunday.

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The events occurred around ten thirty in the morning, when four members of the right-wing party have tried to set up the information tent. The antifascists, however, were waiting for them.

Then there were shocks and confrontations until the Mossos have appeared to separate them. Supporters of the party have been able to set up the information desk a few meters below protected by a police cordon between the antifascist shouts.

On the other hand, the Mossos have dispersed this Sunday at noon a protest that wanted to boycott a popular paella organized by supporters of Vox in the soccer field of Gornal.

Two wounded mossos

In order to guarantee the security of this act, anti-riot police from the Catalan police who had made a police cordon to prevent the antifascists from entering the sports complex were moved to the place.

However, there have been clashes between the two parties, which have mutually reinforced each other, and, according to Mossos sources, two officers were injured when there were "launches to the police line". Vox explained through social networks that antifascists "have not managed" to prevent paella and that "more than 150 people have come" to their event.

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