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The writer Clara Usón received the Literature Prize on Monday Sor Juana Ines de la Curz 2018 for his work The timid killer (Seix Barral). The jury highlighted that "within an exceptional narrative warp, the novel draws us in a first-person key the plates of a national fracture without amendments." The author "records part of the Spanish transition in his proposal, between erudition and accessibility, force the limits of the conventional novel daring to go further, "the jury has pointed out.The work is a hybrid in which characters of reality are mixed with fiction, as well as personal nuances, which deal with issues such as suicide , the monarchy and the uncover cinema.

In The timid killer, "Clara Usón shows us that the novel is the true field of freedom where the philosophical nature of suicide, the judgment of the monarchy and the courses of the unveiling of a hallucinated country set the tone of the historical heritage still alive" . This has been the opinion of a jury composed of Ana García Bergua, from Mexico; Claudia Piñeiro, from Argentina, and Daniel Centeno, from Venezuela, who has awarded the award unanimously.

Previously awarded to authors such as Almudena Grandes, Gioconda Belli, Lina Meurane, Claudia Piñeiro, Marcela Serrano and Laura Restrepo, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Literature Prize 2018 is an award that convenes the International Book Fair of Guadalajara in Mexico with the purpose of contributing to the dissemination of literature written by women.

Clara Usón was born in Barcelona in 1961. Her first novel, The nights of San Juan, she won the Lumen Women's Prize in 1998. She also published First flight (2001), The journey of words (2005) and Persecutors (2006). In 2009, Clara Usón won the Biblioteca Breve Award with her novel Heart of napalm. In 2012, he published The daughter of the East, which was recognized with the Critics' Award, the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize and the Mediterranean Culture Prize.

The writer has revealed that "I was not aware that the award was being deliberated these days." "When I was called from Guadalajara I thought it was to invite me to the fair, which made me very excited. I am very grateful because it is a very important prize, very special, I never thought that I could win it because there are so many writers in Spanish, that I never thought I could be lucky ".

"Sor Juana was one of my heroines. Hopefully one day there will be no need for a prize in women's literature, because women have achieved absolute equality in all senses. As I get older I become more feminist, "said the author, who pointed out:" I've always wanted to go to the Guadalajara Fair because it's the best there is in Spanish. Now I'm not only going to FIL, but I'm going with this award. In addition, Mexico seems a fascinating country, not only for its culture, for everything ".


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