Clara Lago turns 29: Ace has changed since its inception in 'Companeros'

Clara Lago meets this wednesday March 6 29 years. Madrid actress has an extensive career, despite his youth. Looking back, we all rememberClara Lago in its beginnings in 'Comparos'. At present, the interpreter is well known for roles such asAmaia in 'Eight Basque surnames'.

20 years ago thatClara Lago made the leap to television. With just 9 years, Clara Lago debut in the series 'Companeros' playing Desire. This role made her a known face and served to make the young woman's interpretive career unstoppable.

Leaving aside the television, Clara Lago embarked on several feature films. In the cinema he got his first job as a protagonist in the year 2002 in 'Carol's trip' The role in this film, directed by Imanol Uribe, was theClara Lago al Goya nomination as Best Actress revelation.

Clara Lake

After several more incursions on the big screen,Clara Lago returned to television in the series 'Central Hospital'. The young gave life to Candela, the daughter of Dr. Cruz, played by Alicia Borrachero. Following on television,Clara Lago landed in another successful series, 'Los Hombres de Paco'. Here he played Carlota, sister of Hugo Silva.

Already in 2011, Clara Lago participated in 'Cousins' and'The dark side' This last film earned him the prize as a young promise at the Berlinale.

Commercial titles like 'I desire you', sequel to the book' Three meters above the sky ', also served to take Clara Lago to the main ticket offices in Spain.

However, his great commercial success came with 'Eight Basque surnames' This comedy became the highest grossing film of Spanish cinema. In the same,Clara Lago played Amaia Zugasti, protagonist of the film, next toDani Rovira, Karra Elejalde and Carmen Mach.

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After these box office successes, Clara Lago has continued working in the cinema and is focused on various solidarity and social awareness projects.


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